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Cocona Develops Range Of Cocona Warrior™ Products

All Services Exchange™ Online Catalog Offers Base Layers

BOULDER, COLO. (August 3, 2012) – Cocona, Inc., the leader in rapid-dry active particle technologies, has developed a range of products under the Cocona Warrior™ brand name for Military, Public Safety and Emergency Management personnel.

Years of field-testing with Natick and SOCOM have guided the development of a fabric blend with Cocona® Technology that dries 5X faster than cotton. The All Services Exchange™ Online Catalog joins ADS Online and Honeywell Tactical Online to offer short and long sleeve undershirts for Military Service personnel. “The Cocona Warrior™ base layers improve the performance of the entire clothing system by removing sweat and keeping the soldier working at maximum output levels”, added Steven Boyd of “We are seeing good initial response to the Cocona® long and short sleeve shirts.”

According to Jim Hind, Cocona Warrior™ business unit leader, Cocona has developed a full range of products including socks, underwear, pants, jackets, gloves and hat products, all engineered for the most demanding work environments where performance is mandatory. Cocona® Technology combines natural active particles with fibers, fabrics, fleeces, insulations and breathable waterproof products. Cocona® Technology actively REMOVES moisture while it’s forming, creating a new performance standard for being dry faster and longer than traditional clothing, footwear and sleep systems and is the first and only technology platform that accelerates the performance of base, mid and outer layer products from head to toe, that dries the total system at unprecedented rates and improves your comfort and experience.

Police and Fire Services are testing Cocona Warrior™ products also and experiencing performance advantages as well. A range of products for the hospitality market is planned for introduction in 2013.

World leading performance oriented companies have also developed products powered by Cocona® Technology such as Adidas, Gregory, La Sportiva, Pearl Izumi, Scarpa, Millet, Eider, Ex-Officio, Noronna, Rab, The North Face, Woolrich, Eddie Bauer, Harley-Davidson, among others.

About Cocona

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Cocona is the world leader in the development, commercialization and marketing of Active Particle Technologies used in clothing, footwear and sleep systems. With initial focus on the Outdoor and Sports markets, Cocona is rapidly expanding patented Cocona® Technology to the commercial, industrial, and hospitality markets globally and discovering new applications for the technology. For more, visit: and