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Coming to a Trail Near You: Introducing the Vasque PROJECT 2009

Performance outdoor footwear manufacturer Vasque announces today the advent of Vasque PROJECT 2009

Performance outdoor footwear manufacturer Vasque announces today the advent of Vasque PROJECT 2009, a nationwide effort to foster competition, community, and environmental stewardship through Vasque’s sponsorship of trail-running events throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Embarking on the third year of their event-sponsorship initiative, Vasque has changed several factors of a program that was formerly known as the Vasque North American Trail Tour. This year, the program gets a face lift with a new name, logo, a soon-to-be-launched website, and a high-profile philanthropic component.

“The Vasque PROJECT is really about giving back,” says Vasque director of marketing Sarah Pitts. “Our goal is to connect with communities across the country by sponsoring local and regional trail races that anyone can take part in. We’ll be there supporting our retail partners in the area and the athletes on our team, but we’ll also be there to encourage all participants to get involved in protecting their trails and preserving the land they run on.”

This element of the Vasque PROJECT, says Pitts, is PROJECT Thanks. Every race series will highlight the work of one marquee nonprofit group that is working to preserve the trail systems in that area. That group will be invited to display information about their work, and runners will be encouraged to donate money in support of their cause. Vasque, in turn, will help raise money for the organization through website promotion and matched donations. “PROJECT Thanks is what makes the Vasque PROJECT stand out,” says Pitts. “If all goes as planned, it should bring in a lot of money for all the great local groups that keep our parks and trails in shape.”

The supporting sponsor of Vasque PROJECT 2009 is Boa Technology Inc., creator of the revolutionary Boa® Lacing System found on the award-winning Vasque Aether Tech trail-running shoe. The ultra-durable, high-performance system does away with standard shoelaces by allowing runners to “dial-in” their fit with a quick twist of a low-profile knob.

“Simply put, Boa® creates a secure, micro-adjustable fit with no pressure points,” says Boa marketing manager Garett Graubins, formerly senior editor at Trail Runner magazine. “And the Vasque PROJECT is a great chance for us to show runners how this technology can improve performance.”

Vasque PROJECT 2009 includes 45 trail races in 12 states. Major races and race series include the Great Eastern Series in Charlottesville, VA, the Rock/Creek Trail Series in Chattanooga, TN, the Great Lakes Endurance Series in Northern, MI, the Golden Leaf Half Marathon in Aspen, CO, the Cougar Trail Series in Seattle, WA, the Rogue Trail Series in Austin, TX, the Fast Trax Trail Series in Edmonton, Alberta, the DINO Trail Series in Indianapolis, IN, Peter’s Canyon Trail Series in Irvine, CA, the Grand Teton Races in Alta, WY, the River City Ramble in Red Wing, MN, and the Triple Lakes Races in Greensboro, NC. PROJECT races will be in full swing beginning next month and will occur on a regular basis through this December.

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