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Consumer Digest 2013 "Best Home Fitness Equipment"

Lifecore Fitness earns 4 awards as “best buy”
Lifecore VST-V6
MSRP $2,299;
The VST-V6 is the least expensive model that has manually adjustable stide length and adjustable stride shape-both are great features,particularly for different sizes of people and fitness levels. Adjustable stride shape means that the motion ranges from step-climbing to full running stride. Plus, no other model that’s in this price range has a wider stride range
(18-26 inches) than this model has. The VST-V8 ($2999.00),which electronically adjusts stride length and shape,is also a best buy

Lifecore LC950 RBs
MSRP $1,399;
The LC950 RBs is the latest version of a previous Best Buy selection. It still is the shortest model(44 inches)that we found, which means that it can fit in all but the smallest rooms. Plus, we found this model to be quiet and as smooth to pedal as any other mid-range model is. The LC-1050UBs ($999); which is an upright version, is also a Best Buy