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Coolcore Receives US Patent 8,440,119 For the Manufacturing of Cooling Fabric

Patent Solidifies Coolcore’s Leadership Position in Chemical-Free

Temperature Regulation Materials

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (May 29, 2013) – Coolcore™, the global leader in cooling innovation, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued the company a patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,440,119) for its material innovation. The patent covers the manufacturing of any chemical-free cooling fabric that transfers moisture away from the skin, while regulating the movement and evaporation of that moisture throughout the fabric.

“This milestone achievement comes after four long years that culminated with testing and validation from the world-renowned Hohenstein Institute,” said Coolcore Chief Technology Officer and Founder Dennis Ackroyd. “With our relentless testing and solid results, Coolcore will set the worldwide standard in performance fabric cooling.”

Coolcore’s material is the only innovation that delivers three distinct functions — wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation — to reduce the fabric’s surface temperature up to 30 percent. In addition to the cooling benefits, the material is significantly drier due to its non-cling, non-saturated nature, and because it is chemical-free, the cooling benefit never washes out.

Additionally, Coolcore is the first U.S. company to obtain the Hohenstein Quality Label “Innovative Technology” for the textile sector. This testing utilized Hohenstein’s newly developed cooling test, the “WATson”, that has now been submitted to the universal standard testing authorities as the first test that measures a fabric’s ability to not only manage moisture, but also measure the cooling power of a fabric.

“Coolcore has invented an entirely new category of chemical-free cooling fabrics and the opportunities for our material innovation are virtually unlimited,” commented Justin Cupps, president of Coolcore. “Having a chemical-free way to keep people cooler and drier longer, and, ultimately, more comfortable, represents the next generation of fabric innovation.”

Coolcore’s distribution channels include exclusive partnerships with brands such as MISSION Athletecare, whose EnduraCool product line is powered by Coolcore’s material innovation; the launch of Dr. Cool Recovery-On-The-Go™ wraps this fall, and the debut of Coolcore performance cooling apparel for Spring 2014.

About Coolcore
Coolcore, a New England-based company, is a cooling material innovation company and global leader in temperature technology. This patented, chemical-free material delivers three distinct functions — wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation. Engineered for athletes and active consumers, Coolcore’s materials reduce surface temperature of the fabric up to 30 percent and have earned the prestigious “Innovative Technology” recognition from the Hohenstein Institute. In addition to this proprietary technology, Coolcore’s distribution channels include partnerships with consumer brands, Dr. Cool Recovery-On-The-Go wraps launching this September and Coolcore-branded apparel, launching spring 2014. For further info, please visit: