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Copywriter Goes on Vacation, Hopes OoO Reply Works


(Almost) Kauai, HI – Wicked Good Copy & Communications’ principal writer, creative force and sole employee, Mike Mooers, is going on vacation until October 28, 2013, and will not be reachable.

Unless he looks at his smartphone or logs on to the Internet. Which he will do.

So, okay, reachable.
But that does not mean he is available. Unless it’s something really, really good.

Realizing this is a hardship for so many in the Outdoor/Snowsports/Fitness/Plaid-Shirt-With-Chacos Industry, he has triggered a setting on his email explaining why he his so (seemingly) rude in not responding to your important emails.

However, Mooers acknowledges that this email setting is not always foolproof.

“The out-of-office reply is one of the most terrifying aspects of a sole-proprietor’s business life,” says Mooers. “That rule creating thing – did I do that right? What dates did I put in – this isn’t the one I did two years ago? Do people know what OoO means”

And, of course, he adds, there’s the big one: “Did I turn it on?”

So in the interest of maximum reach and clarity, here’s what you need to know:

I am out of the office on vacation until October 28, 2013, and will only be checking email sporadically. If this is urgent, please text me at the number below.



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