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Copywriter Unveils Hyper-Creative, Mega-Revolutionary OR Marketing Approach

Continuing on their path of uber-innovative, hyper-creative, mega-revolutionary marketing campaigns, Wicked Good Copy & Communications (WGC&C) (they’re copywriters) will take things to the next level at Outdoor Retailer by combining two of their latest outreach programs. Spearheaded by WGC&C President/Founder/Creative Director/Lead Writer, Mike Mooers, this is gonna be a double scoop of uber-innovative, hyper-creative, mega-revolutionary.

Ready? Okay. Here it is: WGC&C will seek appointments AND hand out business cards.


It’s a big undertaking, but Mooers is not new to the prongs. In 2012 they tried the card prong, and at last January’s Winter Market, they experimented with the appointment prong. But this will be the first time the two are attempted together.

“We see this two-prong approach as continuing our unique inside-of-the-box thinking,” says WGC&C. “This approach to creativity is scorned by many, but we are not afraid to go inside, to seek the internal, and find out what drives us. Plus we spent money on a bunch of cards, so we’re using them.”

A unique aspect of this two-prong approach is how each component can work on an individual basis or come together to form a more perfect union.

Prong 1/Appointments: Wicked Good Copy will come to your booth to discuss copywriting and how it can help pump up your sales and make you more awesome. Or, if you’re already awesome, how Mooers can take on copywriting chores – some of it, all of it, whatever – so marketing teams can focus on important things like budget meetings and shipping samples to magazines.

Prong 2/Business Cards: Mooers cruises the floor going from booth to booth and asking, “Who handles your marketing creative?” At this point he’s usually met with a name (or an uh-I-don’t-know) followed by a “they’re not here right now, would like to leave a card?” BINGO! The card is ready, it’s put into play, the strategy succeeds.

But the real beauty is how they work together. Imagine this – Mooers can have the appointment, and then leave a card with the appointee. Gets ‘em coming and going.

Or, if the targeted individual is busy, Mooers can leave the card with his cell phone number on it. This allows the targeted individual to set up a meeting without the tedious email process. Sometimes the card is passed directly to the targeted individual at that very moment, and a meeting can happen right then and there.


“Possibilities are endless,” says Mooers. “Actually, possibilities are kind of limited to the stuff you wrote about up there, but that’s plenty.”

If you are going to be at Summer Market, you have the chance to be among the first to experience this experience. Contact Mooers right here. Don’t get left behind.

About Wicked Good Copy & Communications: Based in the Sierra Foothills town of Nevada City, CA, Wicked Good has been delivering brand-crafted copy for a variety of clients, including KEEN, Gaiam, Discovery Communications, GoPro and Mountain Hardwear. Mike Mooers, the company’s founder and creative force, has a proven two-decade copywriting background, with a focus on the outdoor, fitness and snowsports industries. He founded Wicked Good Copy & Communications in late 2010. Facebook Wicked Good, LinkedIn Wicked Good, Contact Wicked Good.