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Dahlgren Footwear Offers Sock Retailers a Cushy Incentive Program

Dahlgren Footwear, maker of the original moisture management sock for outdoor performance and mastermind behind seven sock technology patents, launches a forward-thinking, ‘win-win’ incentive program for new and return dealers in 2012-2013.

TUALATIN, OR (July 24, 2012) –
In an effort to support retailers as they build Dahlgren brand awareness, the company will reward dealers with “Co-Op Credit” in amounts commensurate with sales brackets met during the previous year. For instance, retailers with annual sales up to $10,000 will receive four percent of the prior year’s sales in Co-Op Credit, while retailers with $50,000 or more in annual sales will receive 10 percent of the prior year’s sales. Aiming to aid new retailers in introducing the Dahlgren brand, they will also offer new retailers 10 percent of their initial order total in Co-Op Credit.
Dahlgren will pay Co-Op Credit using free Dahlgren product, in styles of the retailer’s choice, for use in any type of direct promotion of the Dahlgren brand. Examples of promotions include customer contests awarding winners with free socks, raffle donations of socks for local races and events, and print and web advertising purchases featuring the Dahlgren brand.
Interested dealers can contact Kris Dahlgren at (800) 635-8539 or for details and more information about how to participate.
Family-owned and operated Dahlgren Footwear was founded in 1978 as the original maker of moisture management socks for athletes. Using the multi-patented Dri-Stride® Tech system, which combines superfine alpaca (three times stronger and ten times more insulative than wool) for perfect thermal regulation; merino wool to provide all-day resilience; and separate zones of hydrophobic Eco-Dri™ to remove absorbed moisture, Dahlgren offers the only active moisture management process available in a sock. The U.S.-produced Dahlgren line includes comfortable, high-performance socks for outdoor and snow sports, running and casual wear.
Dahlgren Footwear is available at international retail locations as well as online. For more information about the company, visit Media interested in more information, samples or images may contact On the Horizon Communications at (805) 773-1000, or