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Deviant 9 Studios Gummy Bear Expedition – One Month In and Still Going Strong

Last month, while returning from Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, team Deviant 9 Studios stopped for gas in Winnemucca, NV. Their freeloading passenger used this opportunity to stick a gummy bear to the front license plate of the official team transport.

Thus began the official Deviant 9 Studios Gummy Bear Trans-Desert Expedition of 2013.


After one full month, 3000 miles, multiple 100-degree days and a brutal one-day bivy at an auto detailer, the lovable little bear remains adhered, intact and – most likely – as delicious as ever.

“We are a team that combines creativity, knowledge and expertise with a real tenacious focus on getting the job done,” says Deviant 9’s Greg Fritsch. “This little red gummy guy is a mirror of what our product development and design firm is all about. At least the tenacious part. I’m not sure how creative he is.”

Wicked Good Copy & Communications’ Mike Mooers placed the brave little bear on the front license plate. Mooers was freeloading on the Deviant 9 dime during Outdoor Retailer, and thought it would be kind of cool to stick the bear on the plate.

“You just lick its backside, push him onto a smooth surface and walk away. Works great on windows and bumpers. This was my first license plate. But credit goes to the bear and team Deviant 9. That bear is just doing all he can to deliver peak performance, much like Deviant 9 Studios does in their thoughtful product design. Soft goods, outdoor, technical, travel gear, luggage, lifestyle, bags & packs – from concept to manufacturing – Deviant 9 knows that great products grow from creative minds, practical solutions and a sprinkle of deviance. Like sticking gummy bears on stuff.”

Due to the ravages of the road and the brutal toll of time, at this point it isn’t really much of an expedition anymore. “Yeah, the little dude just kind of hangs out on the car and ends up going where we’re going,” points out Deviant 9’s Carrie Fritsch. “And he’s looking a little tired and melty so I don’t expect summiting Shasta is in his near future.”

Pictures of the mucilaginous red bear show a high level of heat-induced sagging, and the bear at this point resembles a, uh, sack of some kind.

Gummy, Brave and Strong

“But his little gummy bear stub arms are there. He still looks like he wants to give you a hug,” added Michelle Cannoy. “And isn’t that kind of positive outlook what’s truly important?”

Expeditions aren’t just about exploring. “Oh, we learn quite a bit from the field,” says Greg Fritsch. “In this case we are looking at an adhesive that is performing at a very high level. This bear-based gumminess may replace welding as the next generation in seam technology. Next steps will involve field testing involving Swedish fish, sour worms and Red Vines.”

About Deviant 9 Studios: Based in Paradise, CA, Deviant 9 Studios specializes in thoughtful product design and production solutions for the outdoor, travel and lifestyle industries. The Deviants have over 70 years combined experience in the outdoor and fashion industries. From patterning to manufacturing, development to materials, Deviant 9 thrives on the challenge of designing innovative and practical products and providing powerful sourcing and production services that take grandiose ideas to market-ready realities. Contact Deviant 9 here: info@Deviant Visit them on Facebook or the web at www.Deviant