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Diamondback Fitness Unveils All-New Product Line for 20th Anniversary

Advanced industrial design, new console and iPad docking stations spark specialty dealer interest

Heading into 2011 Diamondback Fitness has heavily invested in product development and evolved its brand, bucking the trend in an industry that is widely pulling back on the development side. The new completely redesigned product line of ellipticals, recumbent and upright fitness bikes is the culmination of a three-year plan that involved moving Diamondback Fitness from Southern California to Seattle, cross-pollinating on a design level with the Diamondback bicycle division and focusing its sales strategy on the specialty market.

Product design is a primary differentiator for the brand that released its first fitness products in 1991. The new value-oriented collection is highly featured and takes its cues from the bicycle industry with attention to detail rarely experienced in fitness equipment, including custom saddles, anodized quick release levers and high-performance bearings and crank sets.

“While the economy has presented challenges for manufacturers and the dealer market, we have continued to invest in development and really created a line that stands out,” said Brian Davidson, director at Diamondback Fitness. “We took our inspiration from the bicycle side of the business by sourcing better components and incorporating more exposed designs and shaped aluminum with minimal amounts of plastic. The product makes a statement in the retail environment and still delivers on our long-term commitment to value for home users.”

A notable feature is the addition of an iPad-compatible docking station in the high-end 910Sr Recumbent ($899), the 910Er Elliptical ($1,699) and the 910Ub Upright ($799). The iPod, iPhone and iPad dock simultaneously charges the unit and holds it in place for easy access to entertainment and training applications during workouts.

Diamondback Fitness further expanded its collection with the introduction of the 910Ic that firmly establishes a new category of indoor cycles. The innovative model features exclusive computer-controlled-resistance that emulates riding on hills and offers target heart-rate training options to deliver a more effective, real-world workout. Additionally, the new technology is self -powered allowing training sessions to be enjoyed anywhere indoors or outdoors without power cords.

“We wanted to come out with a product that was different than every other indoor cycle and succeeded with the 910Ic’s computer-controlled resistance training design,” Davidson said. “It appeals to fitness enthusiasts who regularly attend indoor studio classes at the gym and want the motivation and feedback they get from an instructor, and cyclists looking for a bad weather alternative to road rides.”

All of the brand’s new uprights, recumbents, ellipticals and indoor cycles will be unveiled at the 2011 Health + Fitness Business Expo in Las Vegas, September 22-23 at booth #713. To preview the line at the tradeshow or for dealer inquiries, contact Brian Davidson at 800-776-7642 or send email to