Introducing DriButts Reusable Outdoor Diapers

Diapers built for the world’s most extreme environments coming to the outdoor market

Atlanta, GA — (May 20, 2019) — DriButts, performance cloth diapers for active outdoor babies, debuts to the outdoor market, new for summer 2019. DriButts are the first diapers geared for outdoor families with reusable diapers that are lightweight, easy to clean and quick drying.

DriButts diapers have been proven over the past five years in some of the world’s most extreme climates. While working to repair wells and build latrines in Haiti, DriButts founder, Michael Wahl saw dire need for reusable diapers that could withstand Haiti’s harsh environment and limited resources.

Disposable diapers were out of the question, while cloth diapers would be uncomfortable and ineffective in the severe humidity. In order to kill bacteria, cotton also requires machine washing at high temperatures and can take days to dry. So Wahl’s created a prototype with his wife and some friends, and hand-sewed 700 diapers to start.

DriButts diapers were originally developed in response to a global sanitation crisis that kills 1.4 million children a year. Today DriButts (NPO) has distributed over 30,000 of its reusable diapers to people living in the developing world with inadequate sanitation.

Backed by a successful product and consumer demand, DriButts expands to the for-profit sector with the launch of DriButts™ Outdoor Diapers. The adjustable design features a moisture-wicking, polyester shell and removable bamboo insert. Bamboo is highly absorbent with natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and free from harsh chemicals.

“We’re excited to bring this product to the outdoor industry and help raise awareness,” says Michael Wahl, DriButts co-founder. “Our product is designed for performance in extreme climates, and we found that also translates well for overnight camping, river and backcountry users. Our mission is to improve sanitation and reduce waste, not only in the developing world but our own wild places.”

As more people venture into parks and wilderness areas to recreate, decreasing waste remains a critical issue. DriButts performance diapers make it easy to choose reusable diapers for the great outdoors. “The average 2 ½-year-old use an average of 6,000 diapers and collectively we toss billions of disposable diapers each year,” Wahl continues.

“It’s daunting but change often starts with a small step, like using reusable diapers when you’re outside in nature. Not only does it cut down on trash going to the landfills, but also reduces the amount of toxic chemicals for both baby and nature.”

DriButts diapers are made of a 2-layer shell and bamboo insert. The outer shell Dri-Fit material is 92-percent polyester and 8-percent Lycra, while the inside layer is 100-percent, moisture wicking polyester that pulls moisture away from the skin. The insert’s unique tri-fold design is made of highly absorbent bamboo dimple fabric, and the entire system weighs just 3 ounces.

DriButts diapers can be easily washed in a bucket, dry bag, Scrubba or washing machine with water and a mild, biodegradable soap, such as Dr. Bronners or Campsuds for outdoor use. The outer shell line dries in about twenty minutes, and the insert dries in forty-five minutes, compared to cotton diapers, which can take at least three hours to dry. The diaper is adjustable and fits newborns through three-years-old.

A portion of proceeds from DriButts diapers sales will directly support the nonprofit and mission to support families in the developing world. For more information please visit

About DriButts Outdoor Diapers
DriButts are the first performance diapers for active outdoor babies, with reusable diapers that are lightweight, easy to clean and quick drying. The system’s antimicrobial, removable bamboo insert absorbs moisture, while the 2-layer polyester, nylon shell wicks moisture away from baby’s skin. DriButts cloth diapers are easy to hand wash and air-dry ten times faster than cotton. Choose DriButts cloth diapers for the great outdoors, and help avert landfill waste and environmental pollution. A portion of profits from DriButts diapers sales directly supports DriButts nonprofit (NPO) and families in the developing world.

DriButts NPO

DriButts diapers were conceptualized in response to a global sanitation crisis that kills 1.4 million children a year. DriButts diapers were originally developed to withstand Haiti’s harsh environment and limited resources. The nonprofit organization has since distributed over 30,000 diapers to parents and babies in the developing world. Please visit to learn more.