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Drydye (R) Fabric New Woven Collection

Drydye ® Fabric new Woven Collection and Stocking program

The Yeh Group has just finished putting together an initial collection of Drydye ® woven fabrics that use zero water in the dyeing process. This process will save 25 liters per yard and up to 60 liters in Outerwear products.

The collection covers linings, down proof linings, Outerwear laminates, and backpack fabrics. The new Drydye ® woven fabrics are made in Thailand, with the cooperation of Thai Taffeta and Everest Textiles.

With these new developments, Drydye ® technology can now cover all three clothing layers including knits, fleeces, and wovens. Now customers have the flexibility to add more colors and still meet minimums by spreading the volume through baselayer, midlayer, and Outerwear fabrics.

Additionally, The Yeh Group has added four colors and four different knit styles to a stocking program to help Apparel Brands begin to build their collection.

“We realize that many Brands start new technologies as offerings across all three layers and need smaller dye lots to get things started. These steps will allow customers to merchandise Drydye ® technology and tell a great story about reducing pollution and saving water. “ Brad Poorman CSMO Drydye

The Yeh Group is a textile technology company located in Thailand that pioneers eco efficient technology, textiles, and garments. Drydye ® technology is a revolutionary waterless dyeing process that produces zero effluent and produces textiles with pure performance. These clean textiles also have unique performance properties for active apparel.

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