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Duluth Pack Introduces Official Licensed Products

Duluth Pack introduces Mossy Oak® Canvas. For more than 20 years sportsmen have relied on the Mossy Oak® name for high quality camouflage apparel and accessories.

We are introducing Mossy Oak’s® best-selling New Break-Up® pattern to the products most requested by sportsmen. On top of hunting products, we’ve added our daypacks and portfolios. All Duluth Pack products will soon join this highly anticipated line and can currently be made to order. Duluth Pack and Mossy Oak®. There is no better fit.

Duluth Pack has taken the products most requested by sportsmen and begun producing a line of products with Mossy Oak’s® best-selling New Break-Up® pattern. This new line of camouflage will include, but not be limited to: pistol rugs, shotgun and rifle cases, all-day lumbar pack, hand-warmer, range bag, standard daypack, the rugged Bushcrafter pack, with the always-popular Rambler and Wanderer daypacks. All other Duluth Pack products will soon join this highly anticipated line, and can be made to order at any time.

Duluth Pack also offers their handcrafted products in 14 different colors of canvas, six colors and patterns of wool, in addition to traditional leather and American Bison leather. This new line in camouflage offers a unique and different option to sportsmen heading out into the field or the duck blind. President of Duluth Pack, Tom Sega states: “The New Break-Up® camouflage fabric from Mossy Oak® will round out an already excellent line of hunting gear.”

Duluth Pack • Made in America • Guaranteed for life.

About Mossy Oak
Avid hunter and current CEO Toxey Haas founded the Mossy Oak Company in 1986. Mr. Haas gathered up a bag of leaves, sticks, and dirt, went into the local fabric company, and dumped the contents onto the counter. His request; “can you print a fabric that looks like the stuff in this bag?” Mr. Haas realized good camouflage patterns must integrate realistic looking environmental elements as well as shadows and layers from the natural surroundings. Today, Mossy Oak has a large number of camouflage patterns and has grown to embody an outdoor lifestyle.

About Duluth Pack
Duluth Pack, established in 1882, is dedicated to making quality outdoor gear as well as purses, luggage, messenger bags, gun cases, and portfolio bags. These products are manufactured in Duluth, Minnesota using time-honored techniques. All products manufactured by Duluth Pack offer a Lifetime Guarantee on craftsmanship and hardware.

Duluth Pack: You carry the passion. We carry everything else.