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EB Sport Group Announces Acquisition of Valeo, Inc.

New Partnership Allows Both Sides to Grow, Offering More products in the Fitness, Weightlifting and Workplace Safety Markets

EB Sport Group, LLC, has announced the acquisition of Valeo, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, EB Sport Group now owns and manages Valeo’s assets, including all intellectual property.

A subsidiary of E&B Brands, EB Sport Group is the parent company of Sportline, Inc., Sports & Leisure Technology Corp. and now Valeo. Together, the companies design, develop and market a variety of popular fitness-based products geared toward fitness monitoring, conditioning, strength training and cardiovascular health under such respected brands as Sportline, Everlast and Bally Total Fitness.

Based in Sussex, WI, Valeo is a leading manufacturer of fitness gear and workplace safety products ranging from lifting gloves, body balls and jump ropes to mechanics gloves, knee pads and joint and back supports. The company recently engaged in an active search for a partner that could best represent the Valeo brand and help take it to the next level.

“We are interested in seeing Valeo grow and, more than any other company, felt EB Sport Group was the best partner to make that growth happen,” says Ted Yewer, founder and CEO of Valeo. “They have respected brands, an outstanding management team and a great reputation in the sport and fitness market. That combination convinced us that they have what it takes to help Valeo reach its next level of potential.”

For EB Sport Group, the acquisition of Valeo is a natural fit and one that the company feels will enhance an already powerful foundation of brands and products.

“For the past 20 years, the Valeo team has built a well-respected brand, a loyal customer base, and a great reputation in the industry. We’re thrilled to add Valeo to our portfolio of sport and fitness businesses,” says Brian Anderson, president of EB Sport Group. “We intend to grow the Valeo business by investing in product development, brand development, and by giving the Valeo team the tools they need to continue growing the business.”

Both EB Sport Group and Valeo feel the acquisition is a recipe for success because it allows the two sides to expand and offer an impressive variety of products in the fitness, weightlifting and workplace safety markets, which include handheld exercise products, gloves and belts, products for use in yoga and Pilates, as well as fitness monitors such as pedometers and heart rate watches.

“The future of Valeo is in good hands and we are looking forward to the next chapter under the ownership of EB Sport Group,” says Phil Welch, vice president of sales for Valeo. “They have impressive infrastructure and operational capabilities, as well as a proven history of introducing innovative new fitness gear every year. This change in ownership will enable us to take Valeo to the next level.”

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