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EcoQue Portable Grills: an Essential Tool for Campside Cooks

EcoQue Portable Grills: an Essential Tool for Discerning and Environmentally Conscious Campsite Cooks

SEATTLE, WA., (Sept. 22, 2011) – EcoQue, a Seattle company that is pioneering a brand new “green grilling” category, today introduces the world’s first high-efficiency, portable charcoal grill. EcoQue portable grills enable the discerning outdoor chef to grill anywhere, using about 75% less fuel and reducing environmental impact, while still achieving restaurant-quality results.

EcoQue Portable Grills are an essential tool in any outdoor chef’s quiver. Nature-loving food enthusiasts can now prepare a charcoal-fired meal while camping, hiking, tailgating or lounging at the beach, AND reduce their carbon footprint. Leave the propane or the big, bulky and messy kettle grill at home and pack a lightweight, collapsible and portable EcoQue instead.

Offered in 12-inch and 15-inch sizes, EcoQue Portable Grills are highly durable and made of lightweight, durable stainless steel. They collapse down to a thickness of about one inch, set up in less than a minute with no tools required and come with a carrying bag for easy portability. EcoQue Portable Grills are highly efficient thanks to a patented pyramidic design that concentrates and funnels heat to the cooking surface, allowing users to cook a family meal with as few as nine charcoal briquettes on the 12” grill.

EcoQue Portable Grills are highly versatile. Thanks to their ability to generate maximum heat from minimal amounts of fuel, users can even cook a meal with sticks or twigs gathered from the campground. Backcountry grilling has never been so convenient. MSRP: $129.99 for 12”, $159.99 for 15”

About EcoQue:
EcoQue offers a “A Greener Way to Grill”™. Based in Seattle, the company offers a full line of outdoor cooking products and grills that use less fuel and offer the world’s first green-grilling solutions. EcoQue’s portable grills, propane grills, grill accessories and smokers are made from high-quality materials and engineered for maximum efficiency. The company is working to provide fuels and cooking woods made from reclaimed and renewable, non-toxic resources. No more noxious and dangerous lighter fluid. No more lifting the hood of your gas grill, allowing heat to escape, to check your food. Use less fuel for great results, every time.