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Eight ElliptiGO Riders Attempting to Become First Person to Complete the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur on an Elliptical Bike

Eight ElliptiGO Riders Attempting to Become First Person to Complete the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur on an Elliptical Bike

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 11, 2015)— ElliptiGO Inc., creators of the world’s first elliptical bicycle, today announced that eight ElliptiGO riders are planning to compete in the 1230-kilometer (764-mile) Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur (“P-B-P”) cycling event taking place from August 16 – 20, 2015. No one has ever attempted the P-B-P on an elliptical bicycle, so the group’s first finisher this year will establish the event record for elliptical bikes.

“We sold our first bike in 2010, so no one was ready to take on the 2011 P-B-P because it came so early in the product life-cycle,” said Bryan Pate, co-founder of ElliptiGO Inc. “Since then, dozens of audacious athletes have completed some of the toughest cycling events in the world on ElliptiGO elliptical bikes. The fact that eight riders have qualified for this year’s P-B-P is a strong indication of the enthusiasm and dedication of our customers. It’s also a testament to the quality of the product. The P-B-P is a grueling test for any cyclist riding any bike. Attempting it on an elliptical bike takes the challenge up a notch. I have followed the exploits of the eight customers who are attempting it and based on their previous achievements, I’m confident that several of them will complete the event within the cutoff time.”

Paris-Brest-Paris, founded in 1891, is one of the world’s oldest, largest and most prestigious cycling events. It takes place once every four years. To qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris, riders must first complete a set of qualifying rides, known as brevets, of 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km within a strict (and challenging) time limit. The time limit for successful completion of Paris-Brest-Paris is 90 hours.

“It’s a challenging feat, but we are out to prove that anyone can do it with proper training and dedication,” said Idai Makaya, leader of the ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team. “For example, four years ago, one of our riders was overweight and so out of condition that his doctor told him ‘start exercising or you’re going to die.’ He started riding a few miles at a time on his ElliptiGO, then built up to century rides (100 miles) – and now he’s qualified for the world’s premier endurance cycling ride.”

An elliptical bike combines the propulsion motion of running with the two-wheeled form of a bicycle. Consequently, it attracts riders from diverse backgrounds. The eight ElliptiGO riders taking on Paris-Brest-Paris 2015 are listed below:

  • Alan McDonogh, UK,  is a marathon runner, cyclist and former rower. Rowing and cycling made his back prone to injury, so he turned to elliptical cycling.
  • Andrew Nuttall, UK, is a fitness enthusiast who bought his ElliptiGO elliptical bike for weight loss. He started riding one year ago, barely completing five miles at the time. He has since lost over 20kg.
  • Billy Grace, UK, is a former 800m runner who was forced to give up running due to running-related injuries. He took up elliptical cycling as a replacement form of exercising.
  • Bill Pinnell, UK, bought his elliptical bike for fitness and weight loss in 2012. Previously, he had commuted to work on a bicycle, but back pain forced him to give up cycling and he now uses an ElliptiGO elliptical bike, instead.
  • Carl Nanton, UK, is a cyclist and marathon runner. He uses his elliptical bike to commute to work, which doubles as his main form of transport.
  • Jim Cremer, USA, is a fitness enthusiast who quit running due to injuries. He started riding his ElliptiGO bike in 2012.
  • Idai Makaya, UK, came to elliptical cycling from a varied background of martial arts, general fitness training and running. In 2014 he successfully completed the 1,400-km London-Edinburgh-London Audax on an ElliptiGO elliptical bike.
  • Stuart Blofeld, UK, is an ultramarathon runner who has completed as many as four 100-mile ultra-marathons in a single year. He has also completed the Mille Cymru 1000km Audax cycling event (which is considered to be among the toughest amateur cycling events in Europe) on an ElliptiGO bike.

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