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ENO Launches Hammockers Guide to Responsible Hammocking

Asheville, NC – For over 30 years, those seeking to enjoy and protect the unspoiled beauty of the great outdoors have followed the “Leave No Trace” principles: a set of universal guidelines for preserving the wilderness and reducing your impact on natural surroundings. Now, hammock manufacturer Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), is bringing these principles to the hammocking community with the release of “A Hammockers Guide To: Responsible Hammocking.” The initiative features tips and illustrations on how to appropriately set up and use your ENO hammock to best ensure your safety and the protection of the areas around you.


The brain child of brothers Peter and Paul Pinholser, ENO hammocks were crafted to provide a portable slice of personal paradise for habitual campers, festival-goers and outdoor solace-seekers. More than ten years later, the company is still sticking to their tree-hugging roots, continuing to expand their collection of durable, lightweight hammocks and accessories that require minimal set-up and take up very little space.

“Our goal with the ENO hammock was to create the ultimate personal relaxation station that can easily be set up and taken down without damaging natural surroundings,” said Natalie DeRatt, Media and Marketing Manager for ENO. “We feel it’s our responsibility to share with our fellow hammockers how easy it is to enjoy our products while being aware of these principles. We want to keep everyone happy, including Mother Nature.”

”A Hammockers Guide To: Responsbile Hammocking” includes setting your hammock up at least 200 feet away from lakes and streams, avoiding hanging your hammock from dead trees, and checking to ensure that the area you will be camping in allows hammocks. ENO also suggests using “tree saver” straps, which are made of soft nylon/polyester webbing and wrap around the tree, minimizing damage to the bark. Hammockers should avoid hanging their ENO hammock more than 18” off the ground in order to prevent accidents and/or damage to higher branches and leaves.

ENO plans to foster the growth of their new initiative through 2014 with the additional release of fun, but helpful responsible hammocking videos and information kits.

About ENO:

Eagles Nest Outfitters, founded by brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster, began operations in the summer of 1999. Growing steadily from a one-van, two-man operation to the leading provider of ingeniously crafted parachute hammocks and outdoor accessories, the company offers the highest quality relaxation products for adventure travelers and outdoors lovers everywhere. The company’s products are sold in over 750 specialty outdoor and sporting goods retail stores nationwide and online at