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Press Releases

Eternal Water, the #3 Premium Sourced Bottled Water in the US, Taps SMACK! Media for Marketing and Public Relations

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Fast growing premium water company enters Walmart and partners with SMACK! Media to further grow and educate audiences on the importance of water purity and alkalinity

(Walnut Creek, CA – August 16, 2016) – –Eternal Water, one of the fastest growing premium bottled water companies in the United States, has partnered with SMACK! Media to support strategic marketing initiatives, partnerships and public relations efforts. Through this partnership, SMACK! Media will help Eternal Water drive awareness and education about their pure and pristine water that is sourced in the USA, and help activate partnerships that span from endurance events to lifestyle and charity collaborations.

In a world where most bottled water is municipally sourced and artificially enhanced, Eternal Water is 100% All-Natural with nothing added nor removed, allowing them to not require an ingredient label. “It’s absurd to me that most waters have an ingredient label on them. Water shouldn’t have any ingredients nor be artificially enhanced,” said Karim Mashouf, Founder and CEO of Eternal Water. “We didn’t make our water, we discovered it, and we’re excited to partner with SMACK! Media to help tell this story and attract new customers.”

Sourced and bottled in the USA from three pristine and protected springs that are naturally pressurized so the water rises to the surface without mechanical pumps or human interference, Eternal Water is naturally infused with essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, which are naturally occurring electrolytes. Whereas other water companies boast about what they are “enhanced” with, Eternal Water is also naturally alkaline, meaning that the pH is in a basic state ranging from 7.8 – 8.2.

“Being fascinated and well-immersed in nutrition and hydration, I find it ironic that in food everything is about ‘eating clean,’ purity and whole ingredients, all the while the water category is expanding with more ‘enhanced’ and artificial waters with additives,” said Elisette Carlson, Founder of SMACK! Media. “I love that Eternal is 100% natural, sourced in the USA and because of its purity, does not require a nutrition label. Additionally, they have been supporters of endurance events, and their Marketing Director is an Ironman athlete. We are proud to partner with authentic companies who seek to better the world through good health and hydration.”

About Eternal Water

Eternal Water comes from the most Pure & Pristine water sources on Earth. Sourced from Protected Underground Springs, Eternal Water is the #3 Premium Sourced Bottled Water in the USA and one of the fastest growing premium waters in the category. Eternal has swept this category in the last few years boasting 86% incremental sales and over 60% repeat purchase rates, generating one of the most loyal customer bases in bottled water. Eternal Water has national distribution and can be found in the country’s largest retailers across all channels. Learn more about their products and benefits at

About SMACK! Media

SMACK! Media is a boutique Strategic Marketing, Branding and Public Relation(ship)s® agency that develops effective multi-dimensional brand strategy, creative development, public relations and social media campaigns, with a pinpoint focus on the sports, health fitness and nutrition markets. Our approach is grounded in inspiring and clear communication, strong relationships and a passion for execution. Make your brand stand out, give it a little SMACK! For more info, or to read about our services, visit: