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eVent® Fabric Jackets Win Award from Europe’s Outdoor Magazine

Two jackets featuring eVent Fabric technology—the RAB Drillium Jacket and the Vaude Alpinist Stretch Jacket—garnered Editor’s Choice Awards from the German-language adventure magazine Outdoor.

Outdoor magazine has an extremely high standard of testing for their Editor’s Choice Awards. According to Frank Wacker, Editor of Outdoor, “Only what survives our brutal testing deserves the title of Editor’s Choice Award 2006.”

RAB’s Drillium Jacket, which is only available in Europe, was Outdoor’s Editor’s Choice for the best lightweight jacket of 2006. “Not all [lightweight jackets] perform. This is certainly not the case with the 330-gram (11 oz.) light RAB Drillium,” said the editors. “It delivers excellent weather protection through the most breathable fabric available: eVent. These features make it the best lightweight jacket of the year.”

Vaude’s Alpinist Stretch Jacket—also only available in Europe—was described by the editors of Outdoor as “one for all conditions,” earning it the 2006 All-round Jacket of the Year. The editors tested the Alpinist Stretch in the harshest of conditions and observed that “during a downpour both the wearer and the interior stayed completely dry, the latter quite unique for a three-layer jacket. The Alpinist Stretch Jacket sets a new standard by using the extremely breathable eVent Fabric.”

Both the Alpinist Stretch and the Drillium utilize eVent® Fabrics’ unique venting membrane. Unlike other waterproof/ breathable technologies that move moisture by a process of diffusion through a PU layer, eVent Fabrics allow sweat to vent directly to the outside of the jacket in one easy step though a process called Direct Ventingâ„¢ technology. This unique process helps to keep you dry on the inside. Simply put, eVent Fabrics let the sweat out.â„¢

Entering their sixth year in the outdoor industry, eVent Fabrics has built a strong reputation as a highly-functional waterproof laminate technology with a very loyal following. Unlike other laminates on the market, eVent Fabrics allow sweat to vent directly to the outside of the garment in one easy step though a process called Direct Ventingâ„¢. This Dry System allows moisture to vent away from the body without condensing on the inside of the fabric, keeping the user dry no matter what the activity or conditions. eVent Fabrics let the sweat out.â„¢ For more information about eVent Fabrics visit