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evolv Footwear and Sender Films Release Second “Origins” Film

Footwear manufacturer evolv Sports and Sender / Big Up Films are set to release the second segment in a new short film series called “Origins.”

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evolv Footwear and Sender Films Release “Origins” Film Series’ Second Film

July 27, 2010 (Buena Park, CA) – Footwear manufacturer evolv Sports and Sender / Big Up Films are set to release the second segment in a new short film series called “Origins.” The concept connects the stories, icons and connections of history of climbing with the top climbers of today. The first segment brought Chris Lindner and climbing legend Kurt Smith together in Joshua Tree, CA. Climbers Lisa Rands and Peter Croft star in the second segment directed by Rob Frost, Josh Lowell and Pete Mortimer. “The Venturi Effect” (12+ rating) is a towering and beautiful route that splits the middle of the Incredible Hulk formation in the High Sierra, one of Croft’s many established routes.

“At first glance they might be an odd pick for a climbing team,” says Rob Frost of Sender / Big Up films. “Lisa genuinely wants to delve into new ground and has been getting schooled under Croft. Both climbers have been zeroing in on doing something big together for some time, so ‘The Venturi Effect’ was the perfect challenge and is one of Peter’s finest Sierra creations. It is a high-grade ‘Astroman’ type quality route Peter pioneered in 2004 with Dave Nettle, one of the best routes in the country for its grade and setting.”

“When the concept was born, it was the contextual interest and dynamics between old and new that was exciting,” says Jay Peery, Director of Sales and Marketing for evolv Sports. “With the second segment wrapped, we are excited about how the ‘Origins’ project continues to evolve. I think people are interested in how the old and new schools of sports can share so much and yet have come from a different place. It really transcends the activity and embodies the spirit of the sport.”

Episode Two is scheduled to release later this year and will debut this fall on the 2010 Reel Rock Film Tour. A pre-screening will take place at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market on August 5th.

To view the first episode, visit Sender Films, evolv’s website or view it here on YouTube. “Origins” will also be on the 2010 Reel Rock Film Tour.

“Origins 2” is presented by evolv Sports, sponsored by Mountain Gear and The North Face and produced by Sender/Big Up Films. For more information about this segment, visit the Sender Films Blog.

evolv Company Profile
evolv Sports was founded in Southern California in 2003. In a short time, evolv Sports has become a leading force in the climbing footwear market, producing some of the best performing and selling climbing footwear available. evolv distributes worldwide from its warehouse in Buena Park, CA and maintains manufacturing facilities in the US and Asia.

In addition to climbing footwear, evolv also markets climbing accessories and high friction rubber for outsoles under the TRAX® USA label. evolv sponsors some of the most prolific and talented climbers in the sport and produces a signature line of shoes developed by climbing icon Chris Sharma.