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Exofficio Supports Frontline Medical Staff With Underwear Donations Amid Global Pandemic

Rohnert Park, Calif. – April 9, 2020 – ExOfficiois proud to support those on the frontlines, including healthcare professionals and patients, across the Bay Area in California with brand new underwear to keep them fresh during double-shifts and long hours attending to medical needs of COVID-19 patients. Although nothing compares to the selfless dedication of those working the front lines of this outbreak, the team at ExOfficio is dedicated to doing what they can to help and has opened this up to the entire country. With an undeniable reputation of some of the most comfortable underwear in the industry, ExOfficio vowed to get as many pairs in the hands of these workers as possible. This means shipping underwear nationwide, with expectations of providing 10,000 pairs once all inquiries have been fielded and locations have been fulfilled. With outreach and shipments still taking place, more than 1,200 pairs have been shipped to Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, CA for staff and patients. With ExOfficio HQ located in Rohnert Park, CA, local support is taking place for those working essential jobs in the law enforcement, fire, and other sectors there as well.

“We know these medical personnel are putting their lives at risk, and therefore putting their personal lives on hold to support the community,” said Retail Marketing Manager, Brandelle McIntosh at ExOfficio. “We wanted to do what we can to help make their lives as comfortable as possible. Knowing they are working long hours, double shifts and may not be able to go home and change clothes, we thought supplying their locations with new underwear would give them something to freshen things up.”

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