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Exotac debuts fireSLEEVE on Kickstarter


FireSLEEVE waterproof lighter case turns a Bic into an elite piece of outdoor survival gear.

Buford, Ga. – The outdoor and survival company Exotac announces fireSLEEVE, a waterproof lighter case launching on

A fire source is an essential piece of equipment that should always be carried on any outdoor excursion. FireSLEEVE is a U.S. designed and manufactured waterproof case for a Bic Classic lighter that turns your torch into the perfect outdoor companion.

Never be without your flame. The waterproof fireSLEEVE can withstand being submerged to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes. However, drop it in the water and the fireSLEEVE floats. The cap keeps the flint dry and protected from water and humidity in harsh environments. It also keeps the gas button from being accidentally deployed. With the fireSLEEVE, you can rely on your Bic when you need it most.

The patent-pending Gas Lock system holds the fuel button down for you, making lighting your campfire or stove significantly easier and safer. No need to burn your fingers trying to light something at an awkward angle.

With multiple attachment points, you can carry your fireSLEEVE on a keychain, lanyard, necklace, or use the attachment points to connect the lid to the body so you don’t accidentally lose your cap.

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About Exotac

Exotac is a U.S. outdoor and survival company that focuses on fire starting. A home-grown company that started in the founders basement in 2010 that has gotten its footing through uncompromised quality and meticulous attention detail. We are a company that is focused on trying to add some new life to a stagnant and under appreciated piece of equipment that is vital to survival and comfort in the outdoors. To view our full line of products go to