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Explore Above the Island at Charleston’s Wild Blue Ropes

Charleston, SC – Wild Blue Ropes—Charleston’s first open-air adventure ropes course—is set to open, inspire and thrill this Spring on James Island’s Folly Road. The new adventure park will be an amazing outdoor attraction to the Holy City, offering a fun and challenging experience for adventurers of all ages and skill levels.


Wild Blue Ropes is the passion project of Hugh Corcoran and Gary Ladd of Charleston and Ron Hite of Boca Raton, Florida. “Gary and I knew we wanted to get back to our roots in the outdoors and to be able to offer an impactful experience to others,” said Corcoran. “Through a series of personal circumstances that reminded us both of the power of turning obstacles into opportunities, Wild Blue was born. Together with the support of our families, we’re extremely excited to be contributing such a positive adventure experience to the Charleston community.” One of the premier aerial challenge course designers and builders in the U.S., Challenge Towers, has been working with Wild Blue Ropes on the Folly Road project.

Wild Blue rises to a height of 35 feet and has two different course levels located at 15 and 25 feet. The elevated ropes environment features four levels of difficulty. Ranging from beginner to expert, the course levels include Explorer’s Gateway, Big Sky Challenge, Holy City Heights and the most difficult, Wild Blue Yonder, to accommodate a wide range of abilities. A combination of 22 tower poles and nearly 70 course elements support a maze of suspended steps, ladders, bridges and other elements. The average span length of 25 feet offers users an exciting challenge to experience in the Lowcountry. Explorers will have the option to capture their experience with point of view (POV) video recorders to share with the world, and will be provided with top-of-the-line helmets and harnesses to ensure a comfortable and exhilarating experience. 

“From the opening of Wild Blue, we’ll always be striving to provide our visitors with an unmatched opportunity to explore personal limits and go beyond all while having fun doing it,” said Ladd. “However, our dedication to better business doesn’t stop there; as a registered B-Corp, we’ve made a commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably, always giving back.”

Wild Blue Ropes will be able to hold up to 135 people per hour and participants of all ages and athletic ability are welcome. Not only is the ropes course perfect for families, it’s also a great way to enjoy time with friends, connect with colleagues, engage in a corporate team building activity, or utilize for teams sports, church groups, scout troops, and more. Adventure-goers can enjoy course activities during the day or stop by at night to experience the thrill of climbing under the stars. 

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About Wild Blue Ropes

Located on Charleston, South Carolina’s James Island, Wild Blue is for those seeking the potential that exists past personal limits. Wild Blue Ropes is a certified Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) aerial adventure ropes course, with an emphasis on safety and excitement. Wild Blue Ropes is ideal for families, friends and corporate outings.