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First Eco Baseline Assessment Survey

OIA Eco Working Group and Bainbridge Graduate Institute to Conduct First Eco Baseline Assessment Survey

BOULDER, CO (November 19, 2007) – The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Eco Working Group, in conjunction with Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI), has launched an online self assessment survey to develop a baseline for brands’ sustainability initiatives and determine the industry’s eco awareness and actions. The Eco Baseline Assessment Survey, which is the first of its kind in the industry, will be available until Monday, December 10, 2007. OIA is asking all industry members to participate in this survey. The survey can be found at

The OIA Eco Working Group has secured the services of six MBA students from Bainbridge Graduate Institute to conduct the Eco Baseline Assessment Survey. The students will also participate in the working group’s ongoing, established work teams. The collaborative effort of the BGI and the Eco Working Group will open new pathways for improving the footprint and long-term health of the outdoor industry.

The Eco Working Group aims to share the results of the Eco Baseline Assessment Survey with the industry at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

The industry’s participation in the Eco Baseline Assessment Survey will help enable:

• A broad view of the outdoor industry through a better understanding of the eco self-awareness and initiatives of a wide array of brands.

• Specific benchmarking for survey participants to better understand how a specific brand’s efforts relate to the assessment of the industry as a whole.

• A platform to assist individual companies in mapping out a strategy for improving their eco-footprint.

• A platform from which to develop clear criteria for “Green” level companies.

Eco Baseline Assessment Survey Details:

The Eco Baseline Assessment Survey data will be confidential while it is collected and analyzed. The BGI team will analyze the data and collate it for the purpose of sharing general industry trends with the OIA Eco Working group. The individual survey results will then be scrubbed free of company information and become the property of the OIA Eco Working Group.

The Eco Baseline Assessment Survey is a comprehensive assessment and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. It is hosted by Survey Monkey, a professional and confidential online tool that is straightforward and easy to follow. The Eco Baseline Assessment Survey is primarily comprised of check boxes, with a few selections where you may choose to enter text.

The Eco Baseline Assessment Survey is best completed by a company’s sustainability or CSR manager, if applicable. Input from marketing, product development and environmental, health and safety specialists (either internal or external) will also be helpful.

With this survey, the OIA Eco Working Group intends to create a strong foundation that will provide immense value for the entire outdoor industry.

For further questions about the survey, please contact:
For more information or to join the OIA ECO Working Group, visit

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