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Fitness Videobook teaches Exercises in a New Way!

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Just released by Productive Fitness! The Great Dumbbell Videobook is one of the first of its kind. Like a traditional book, a videobook contains text and images but also video.

E-books have evolved immensely over the past few years, starting with only text on a page. This was followed by text with images, but then the problem was you couldn’t link the images to specific text. The text would free flow and the picture would be static, making it difficult to have text that referred to a specific image. After that, “fixed format” e-books allowed for text and images to stay together on the same page, similar to paper books. In the latest update to e-books, there is still fixed text and pictures, but with the added feature of video. This is a huge breakthrough in fitness writing because sometimes words and images just aren’t enough. When there is only text and images on a page, the reader must use their imagination to visualize the movements of a complex exercise. This can result in the misinterpretation of the proper movement, which over time will become ingrained, leading to possible strain and/or injury.

This technology would be great for instructional material for exercise equipment, tools and accessories.

Viewed on an iPad, iPod or iPhone, the books are portable and can be purchased from the iBookstore.

Established in 1996, Productive Fitness Publishing is the largest seller of fitness books and posters to retail fitness equipment stores in North America.

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