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FlameStower partners with Grupo EBIS, integrating electricity generation to efficient, ventilating stoves for off-grid families in Central America.

FlameStower, Inc., a San Francisco-based company that builds personal, sustainable energy systems to meet fast growing global energy demands, is announcing a partnership with Group EBIS of Guatemala to deliver low cost energy to families in Central America.

Grupo EBIS works with Central American governments to deliver high-efficiency, ventilating biomass “Eco-Stoves” to rural families in off-grid regions. The Eco-Stoves reduce wood consumption and improve the respiratory health of families cooking with indoor fires.

Through its FONADES program, the Guatemalan government has distributed thousands of Eco-Stoves to eliminate in-home air pollution that currently causes 5,000 deaths per year in their country. This partnership will integrate mobile phone charging into the Eco-Stove, increasing the efficiency and use of existing, in-home energy sources.

Juan Rodríguez Rodríguez, Chairman of Grupo EBIS, explains: “From the first distribution of these stoves, we realized rural families use mobile phones daily both to earn a living and as their only form of communication. We discovered FlameStower and realized their product can provide an economic, sustainable solution to the growing phone charging demand.”

 “Thousands of families in Guatemala live without access to electricity,” says Andrew Byrnes, founder of FlameStower. “Through this partnership we can help change that with an affordable, efficient use of home energy.”

FlameStower will design and supply the charging system to be built into the Eco-Stoves, with installations beginning in early 2015.

About FlameStower, Inc: 

FlameStower is an energy product design and services company focused on changing the way people relate to electricity. FlameStower’s first product, the Fire Charger, uses excess heat energy from campfires, cook stoves, any open flame, for charging portable electronics.

About Grupo EBIS:

An international network of companies dedicated to engineering and equipment for telecommunications and energy, Grupo EBIS has operations throughout Central America and over 30 years’ experience supplying telecom operators, electric utilities, and wholesalers.

Contact: Jason McGowin