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Fly-fishing Category Leaders Sign with Brandwise To Drive Sales

Simms and Sage to Incorporate Revolutionary Tools to Improve Sales Efficiences, Analytics and Buying Process

Simms and Sage to Incorporate Revolutionary Tools to Improve Sales Efficiences, Analytics and Buying Process

Lakewood, CO – Brandwise Inc., a leading technology innovator well known in many industries for its sales-related software solutions, has announced an agreement with Simms and Sage, two leading manufacturers in the fishing industry. Brandwise will implement a suite of its cutting edge technology tailored to each company’s needs and designed to enable them to take their entire sales process up to the next level.

“Simms Fishing Products in Bozeman, MT chose Brandwise to transform our selling process from order taking to a fully integrated selling tool,” said Andy Wunsch, Director of Sales for Simms. “Brandwise will enable our Sales Team to become better business partners with our retailers while improving efficiency in the selling cycle and increasing sales of the Simms Brand.”

“Our primary reason for going with Brandwise is the suite of products that it affords us, all under one roof,” said Marc Bale, Director of Sales for Far Bank, a division of Sage. “As an organization that is highly dependent on a rep group and specialty dealers, having the data supplied by SalesOptimizer to provide our reps about specific accounts is critical. It will certainly change the way the reps approach their work and will also change the way in which we evaluate the reps. In this regard, Brandwise is a long overdue and highly valuable tool. “

“Secondly, Far Bank relies heavily on our preseason booking orders to provide validation to our forecasts. Having Visual Merchandiser as the application that will handle this function is simply critical to our process. We anticipate more preseason bookings because of it and higher accuracy with them as well. Lastly, OrderPad will finally allow us to tie the dealers into Oracle for 24/7/365 ordering. The impact on Customer Service will be huge and will allow them to devote more effort to timely order flow and management. It also is a big convenience for dealers who now will be able to order on their schedule, track their shipments, and answer their own questions about pricing and payment. We are clearly excited about getting Brandwise implemented. From our point of view, it just can’t come fast enough.”

“Brandwise is the only software that was made for our needs, specifically managing an independent sales force,” says Tim Biesendorfer of Sage Manufacturing and Redington Tackle and Apparel. “We felt that it truly was the best option out there. Dashboards and graphs are great, but we need to know exactly what’s going on with a dealer… and that can’t be measured from day-to-day on a pie chart, we needed the numbers. We had the data and there were plenty of numbers internally but did not have an effective way of getting that information out to our reps. Our rep force is becoming an even more important part of our business and we needed to give them the tools to do well. Also, Brandwise’s Visual Merchandiser and OrderPad programs were chosen because of the integration and familiarity between the products for our sales team. The combination of the products also makes simpler to run and maintain.”

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