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Freewaters Adds Skimboarding World Champion Austin Keen to Ambassador Team


Laguna Hills, CA – Freewaters footwear announces the addition of United Skim Tour World Champion Austin Keen to its ambassador team. 

“My connection to the ocean originally comes from surfing,” explains Keen. “But growing up on the Georgia coastline involves patience through flat spells. Picking up a skimboard is the best thing I have ever done to stay connected with the water. I am stoked to join Freewaters and be a part of a footwear brand that understands the healing power of water.”

The Savannah, Georgia-born skimboard icon grew up palling around the waters of Tybee Island. He began his career competing in surf contests up and down the eastern seaboard. Skimboarding was initially something to do when the surf was flat. With the goal of daily water time, Keen’s focus quickly shifted from surfing to skimboarding. From puddles at low tide to heavy barreling shore breaks, this pursuit has taken him across the globe to Philippines, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. In the fall of 2013, Keen rode his way to the United Skim Tour world title.


“Austin has a great vibe, a unique and radical approach to his sport, and a deep connection to water,” said Freewaters Co-founder Eli Marmar. “These are the values we look for in our ambassadors. I am confident we have only begun to see his evolution as a waterman.”

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