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Gearo Partners With Colorado Multisport

Automating the Rental Process

[Denver, CO, July, 31st]- Gearo has partnered with Colorado Multisport to streamline their rental services, helping them process their rentals in the easiest and fastest way possible. With an abundance of options for any outdoor rental needs, Colorado Multisport is using Gearo to keep track of inventory and bookings. Now, with Gearo’s marketplace exposure and booking platform, they have saved hours of valuable time, be able to manage customers, keep track of inventory, and gain access to a bigger portion of the market.

“Gearo has helped us increase productivity on the sales floor by simplifying the rental process on the front end.” -Caitlin, Colorado Multisport

Gearo helps outdoor gear shops grow and run their businesses with technology and by empowering consumers to automate gear rentals and purchases for their next adventure.

Case Study with Colorado Multisport Full Report

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