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GeoPalz Upgrades Pedometer to Include a Tri-Axis Accelerome

New GeoPalz will feature a Tri-Axis Accelerometer and able to be attached to the hip or shoe.

Boulder, CO — GeoPalz, innovator of kid-friendly pedometers, is announcing technical upgrades to its GeoPalz product and online activity-tracking program.

GeoPalz evolved from 2D pendulum pedometers to 3DTri-Axis Accelerometers, enhancing the technology for children and adults for easy motivation and activity monitoring. The GeoPalz Version 2 Tri-Axis Accelerometers now feature shoe and hip location options to track 21 days of steps. They gauge MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) points, and feature a built-in anti-cheat function with a unique daily alpha numeric code, internal clock and advanced calibration for accuracy. And, GeoPalz new improved V2 models are water resistant.

New products will be available in retail stores nationwide and online at November, 2011. MSRP $25.00

“While GeoPalz feature reliable, advanced technology, it’s important for us to offer them at a great price point,” says GeoPalz CEO Rich Schmelzer. “Our main goal is to motivate kids and families to be active together, so we are proud to bolster the technical abilities of this product to more precisely and confidently track their steps.”

Available in 26 kid-friendly designs specifically designed for children ages five and older, GeoPalz motivates families to be active by into points for redemption of free activity-based products, sports equipment and outdoor toys at the GeoPalz website. GeoPalz V2 tracks 21 days of steps and vigorous activity points. To get the whole family moving, families can register together on the site using GeoPalz and pedometers from 3rd party companies.

GeoPalz is a family-owned business founded in 2008 by Rich and Sheri Schmelzer and Alexandra O’Leary, the creators of Jibbitzâ„¢. As parents, the creators of GeoPalz wanted their mission to align with current and developing national campaigns to fight childhood obesity by encouraging youth to lead active lifestyles. GeoPalz kid-friendly pedometers feature unique, fun designs and a safe online community that motivates children by converting physical activity and “vigorous activity points” which can be redeemed for free, activity-based toys and awards. GeoPalz