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Gerber Welcomes Bear Grylls to Primetime Television in NBC Series 'Get Out Alive'

Portland, Oregon –  Gerber, a brand synonymous with toughness, innovation and the spirit of adventure, is pleased to welcome long-time partner and renowned survivalist Bear Grylls to network television in the new NBC series Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls. Episodes will air every Monday on NBC, beginning tonight, in the 9pm EST/8pm CST prime time slot.

A weekly reality show, Get Out Alive begins with ten two-person teams trying to prove their mettle in the wilds of New Zealand. Each week, Grylls sends one team home until the duo left standing wins the $500,000 grand prize. The series is filled with raw, tough, unrelenting journeys that will serve to inspire and teach teams the essentials of survival that may one day save their lives.

“Bear has taken the survival category and the preparedness ethos to new heights and this show is the next step in his natural evolution as a leader in the survival adventure space,” said Joe Mattson, Senior Brand Manager for Gerber. “Bear is one of a kind and Get Out Alive will be a test of courage, will and perhaps more than anything inner strength unlike anything network television has seen before. We’re glad to call Bear a partner and a friend and are as anxious as the rest of the viewing public to take in this new show,” concludes Mattson.

Gerber Bear Grylls signature products will be featured at times throughout the series doing what Gerber products do best, serving as essential tools for adventure, work and survival. Partners since 2010, Gerber and Bear Grylls have set the bar in the survival product category with knives, multi-tools and other gear designed to perform when the conditions and circumstances are at their worst.

Get Out Alive is the culmination of my life’s experience testing the limits of what’s possible and to be able to share this with our contestants and a new broadcast audience is both exciting and humbling,” states Grylls. “There is no proving ground quite like the wild and it is really telling that some of the great kits I’ve worked with Gerber to develop end up playing a key role in Get Out Alive. The show illustrates the hard truth of survival, and how important it is to have good gear if you want to survive. The contestants on the show learn this every day of their journey on the show. All in all, I really hope that Get Out Alive motivates people to get out and test themselves to be better.”

Watch the trailer here and tune in tonight at 9pm Eastern Standard Time for the world premiere of NBC’s Get Out Alive.

The series will also premiere on Discovery Channel beginning in third quarter 2013 and will air in 218 countries and territories across Western Europe, CEEMEA (Central Eastern Middle East and Africa), Latin America and Asia Pacific.