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Gibbon Athletes Attempt World Record

Six Gibbon U.S. Pro Rider Team athletes attamps worlds' longest highline.

BOULDER, COLORADO- Six members of Gibbon Slacklines’ Pro Team have set out to establish multiple slacklining highline records, most notably the longest documented highline, during a week long excursion to Moab, Utah.

Debated by some but generally accepted amongst slackline enthusiast, the current world record for longest highline is 240 feet crossed in one direction. Slacklining is the art of walking across a narrow, dynamic length of webbing anchored between two fixed points. What defines and distinguishes a highline is that the height of the line exceeds the length

The Gibbon Team aspires to officiate the world record and rig a 1” line longer and much higher than any other documented highline. They have set out with the goal of crossing an incredible void in both directions by as many of the team as possible in the allotted time.

The Pros attempting to break multiple records are Andy Lewis and Micheal Payton, two finalists from Gibbons’ world slackline competition, Emily Sukiennk, Jeremy Louis, Libby Sauter, and Hayley Ashburn. Gibbon will be updating the teams’ progress via facebook and twitter throughout the project and will release the official measurements once the line is set.

The team expects to have lines rigged by April 13 and begin attempts on April 14. Weather will be a factor in the progress of the team as exposure to conditions is at its’ peak. The project location has not been disclosed due to the immense level of quiet and concentration required while attempting this feat.

About Gibbon: Developed in Stuttgart, Germany, Gibbon is the manufacturer of several slackline kits which include an easy to use ratchet tensioner. This backyard activity has branched out to include yoga moves, jump tricks, and even aerial acrobatics with Gibbons’ unique 2” style line. Canaima Outdoors is the exclusive North and South American Distributor and is located in Boulder, CO at 2400 Central Ave Suite G2.

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