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GoPro Introduces New line of Wearable 5 Megapixel 170-Degree Wide Angle

GoPro, the world's leading manufacturer of wearable digital cameras for sports, is releasing a new line of five megapixel wearable sports cameras that also feature an industry’s first 170-degree wide-angle lens.

Can’t quite capture the whole picture while biking your favorite trail or skiing the fall line? With GoPro’s new line of wearable wide-angle lens cameras you can record the entire action-packed endeavor with the incredible detail and drama you are used to seeing on the big screen. You’ll see not only of yourself flying through the air, but you’ll also see your friend flying alongside you. The new wide-angle lens dramatically expands the field of view over previous GoPro cameras by 315-percent without distorting the video or still resolution.
GoPro’s new line of cameras includes: – The Helmet HERO Wide that is bundled with mounting accessories for biking, skiing, skating, kayaking, climbing, and other outdoor sports. $189.99 msrp – The Motorsports HERO Wide that is bundled with mounting accessories for motorcycles, non-vented motorsports helmets, cars, boats, planes, and other powersports activities. $199.99 msrp – The Wide HERO add-on camera that includes the camera and waterproof/shockproof sports housing without mounting accessories. Designed for existing GoPro customers who already have an arsenal of GoPro mounting accessories. The Wide HERO add-camera is a inexpensive way for existing GoPro customers to upgrade to the new wide-angle camera. $139.99 msrp The new line of wide-angle HERO cameras will be available in stores by the end of August, 2008. The new cameras are the same small size as previous models and weigh in at a mere 4.7-oz. In addition, all new GoPro cameras capture up to 56 minutes of continuous video and can shoot 5 megapixel still photos. Users have the option of a “Photo every 2 seconds” mode which can capture a photo every two seconds for 64 minutes, continuously. This amounts to 1,920 automatic and hands-free photos being taken while you enjoy your activity. This comes in handy when your camera is mounted out of reach on the bow of your kayak or surfboard pointed back at you. GoPro’s Digital HERO 3 also gets an upgrade up to 5 megapixels and is now called the Digital HERO 5. Msrp remains the same at $139.99. GoPro’s traditional lens $169.99 msrp Helmet HERO and $179.99 msrp Motorsports HERO cameras are also upgraded to 5 megapixels and their lens, pricing, and naming stays the same as the previous models they replace. Visit the GoPro website to see sample video and photos shot with GoPro’s exciting new line of wearable action sports cameras.
GoPro is a Northern California-based manufacturer of ultra-convenient wearable digital cameras for consumer activities including outdoor sports, motorsports, and travel. Since 2004, GoPro has been designing cameras and accessories that make it easy for people to capture images and video during their favorite activities. Its products include the patented HERO line of shockproof/waterproof wearable cameras and gear-attachment devices.

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