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Gramicci Predicts the Future at Winter OR11

Seriously, it is time to pull out all the stops. Come get your karma and good fortune tuned and hotwired at the Gramicci booth during the Outdoor Retailer show on Day 1 and Day 2 from 4-6pm.

Gramicci Predicts the Future at Winter OR11

Acclaimed Hypnotist and Tarot Readers will be Dispensing Forecasts for 2011-
Don’t Miss Yours!
4-6 pm on Jan. 20th and 21st at Booth 9001

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., January 11, 2011 – Seriously, it is time to pull out all the stops. Come get your karma and good fortune tuned and hotwired at the Gramicci booth during the Outdoor Retailer show on Day 1 and Day 2 from 4-6pm. Day 1 will host reputable hypnotist-Gabriel Holmes, while Day 2 offers- Palmist reader Margret Ruth and Tarot by Tracy. Join the Gramicci clan for fine beer, great apparel and a clear future.

In addition to seeing what the future holds for you, make certain you come for Day 1 with Gabriel Holmes, a well-traveled and reputable hypnotist, will be offering practical insights for honing in on new business opportunities and centering your focus for the show.

Gabriel’s amazing stage is one the hottest, most hilarious, and unforgettable hypnotic stage shows in the country. Gabriel has traveled all over North America, to the Bahamas, as well as in Las Vegas performing the hilarious show for major Fortune 500 companies to large universities. Gabriel comes from a team building and stage entertainment background.

The start of the New Year brings many questions about the future, especially when it comes to your company. Will this jacket succeed? Will our sales increase and what can we do to help? Do my employees still love working for me? How am I sabotaging my own success? Have you been struggling to find the answers to these questions and others? If so, schedule your time at the Gramicci booth for a 10-15 minute session with one of the four renowned psychics.

Margaret Ruth represents the next generation of metaphysical teachers and psychics. As one of the most popular and well known in the state of Utah, she has helped thousands of clients and students, and is a regular on the nationally acclaimed morning radio show Radio From Hell on KXRK 96.3 FM. Margaret’s first book, Super conscious Relationships: The Simple Psychic Truths of Perfectly Satisfying Connections was published in October 2010.

Tracey, of Tarot by Tracey considers herself a predictive science expert. She and her colleagues use a variety of ancient tools, including tarot, Nordic runes, Chinese I Ching and even dice, to predict the future for people. Tracey considers herself a clairvoyant and said she can see the spirit realm. Tracey said that with the tarot card readings, a question or prayer is asked, and the tarot is the translation tool used to seek your answers.

Brief overview of events:

•January 20, 4-6 PM – Come join hypnotist, Gabriel Holmes, drink great beer from a local microbrew, and take a break from meetings while getting your mind a tune up for the prospects of 2011!

•January 21, 4-6 PM – Psychic and Palmist, Margaret Ruth, and Tarot by Tracy will reveal what’s really in store for you and find out what you have coming up in 2011!

(rumor has it these guys are really good…)

Throughout the anniversary celebration with local crafted beer will be served to retailers and attendees looking for a short break from the bustling show schedule. All participants will also be able to catch a glimpse of the new Gramicci product line.

Here is a new About Gramicci:
Gramicci is celebrating its 28th year anniversary in the outdoor business. People have so many different descriptions for Gramicci but a few comes up the most frequently; never the norm, soulful, and killer climbing clothes. It started with the creation of the G-Series, Freedom of Movement engineered gusset crotch climbing pants and shorts that are worn by r climbers worldwide. Now Gramicci has evolved into comprehensive performance crossover lifestyle brand. It is leading an emerging movement it calls Natural Performance Technology or NPT. This is performance outdoor apparel made of non toxically grown hemp and organic cotton and through a proprietary weaving and knitting process is delivering performance that rival petroleum based synthetics in levels of absorption, quick drying, breathability, anti-odor and durability. 80% of the Gramicci offering is now made of sustainable materials.

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