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Grand Trunk Provides a Place to Hang Out and Relax at the 2015 X-Games Austin

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Grand Trunk Provides a Place to Hang Out and Relax at the 2015 X-Games Austin

Skokie, IL — (June 10, 2015) –Grand Trunk, makers of goods for the road less traveled, is pleased to show its support for athletes and spectators at the 2015 X-Games Austin. The adrenaline-filled event took place last weekend over four full days of festivities, competition, camping, and music. 

In addition to attending the event and hosting a booth to engage with spectators, Grand Trunk supplied its award winning Parachute Nylon Hammocks to 350 of the world’s most celebrated extreme athletes, plus the brand’s custom Edge Dome for VIP and athlete lounges. The hammocks were a most welcome addition, providing instant relaxation during an otherwise action-packed, thrilling weekend. 

And staying true to X-Games form, Grand Trunk’s hammocks were also used as props in many a skateboard trick or otherwise extreme hangout. “When not performing death-defying tricks or pushing the envelope, extreme sport athletes love hanging out,” says Jon Neff, VP and co-founder with Grand Trunk. “Our hammocks provide portable relaxation they can take anywhere, they’re easy to rig and rugged enough to keep up.”

Grand Trunk’s Parachute Nylon Hammocks are praised for being lightweight, durable and easy to hang virtually anywhere thanks to the brand’s new Trunk Straps. At 10-feet, 5-inches long, Grand Trunk offers the most spacious hammocks on the market measuring over a foot longer than the competition. For more info, please visit

About Grand Trunk
Grand Trunk makes goods for the road less traveled, and anyone who values meaningful connections with nature, embracing new cultures, and exploring outdoor adventure. Founded in 2002 by two intrepid entrepreneurs who met while backpacking through Thailand, their shared passion for travel and the authentic outdoor lifestyle inspired Grand Trunk’s first line of travel hammocks. Over the past decade the brand has expanded and evolved to encompass a wide assortment of adventure travel gear and accessories. To view Grand Trunk’s complete range of products, please visit