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Granite Gear Ambassador Program Revealed for 2016

Two Harbors, MN – Granite Gear, heritage backpack, travel and accessories brand, announces a team of handpicked individuals who respect and love the outdoors and exemplify the #WhereIGottaGo spirit that Granite Gear has cultivated.


The ambassador program, its members nicknamed the Go Getters, stems from Granite Gear’s evolution in the outdoor market and their desire to gain detailed feedback on products and collaborate with outdoor enthusiasts who are exploring various activities daily. Granite Gear has chosen nine individuals who share the important commonality of a love for the trail and outdoors. 


The 2016 Go Getters

Stevie Anna: She’s lived in the woods, the dessert and the wilderness of Patagonia. An avid adventurer, she visited all 49 states in the comfort of her van. Her all time favorite adventure: a solo trip through South America to the southern tip of Patagonia – where she fell in love with the land and never left.
Christopher Tran: He’s an optimist, photographer, and down-to-earth dad to the best dog in the world. If he’s not in the wilderness or working, he’ll be on the basketball court, at the gym or planning his next adventure. Actively seeking folks to hit the trail with.
Alyssa Hei: She opts for winter – the colder the better. Residing in Duluth, Minnesota, she spends her days hiking the Superior Hiking Trail, exploring the Boundary Waters and camping as much as possible. One day, we’ll find her off the grid in a tiny cabin on her homestead.
Forrest Tindall: He’s been camping since he was in diapers and (after graduating to underpants) now calls the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho home. In 2014, he traveled the west by van and he’s left no stone unturned and no slow vehicle turnout untouched.
Elena Pressprich: You’ll find Elena outside, scrambling up (or sliding down) a mountain any time of the year. She lives for skiing, running, biking, and everything that includes a fun time. All in all, she’s stoked on life, taking photos, and meeting new people.
Ben Weaver: He’s an adventure advocate, songwriter, poet, father, cyclist and letter press printer. Since 2011, the bicycle has been the vehicle of choice for touring his music. Dedicated to raising awareness about fresh water and surrounding lands, he bike packs wherever he’s gotta go to spread the message.
Nick Stone: A student and adventure photographer in Stillwater, Oklahoma, he’s been hiking since a small boy. With his photos, he tries to capture the adventurous soul in everyone. At heart, he loves to travel and take every trail he can find.
Julie Reggio: She’s a bonafide backpacking junkie, and she’s certain she has an addiction. It all began in Tennessee, where she grew up with the Smoky Mountains as her playground. As a former Wilderness Backcountry Ranger and a National Outdoor Leadership School alumna, she also takes interest in the conservation of natures unspoiled places.
Colin Arisman:He’s a filmmaker and certified wilderness skills instructor as well as a long-distance backcountry traveler. He’s thru-hiked the Long Trail and areas of the Andes of Peru and Patagonia. Recently, he thru-hiked the PCT and produced the film “Only the Essential” about the 5-month adventure. He’s co-owner of Wild Confluence Films, and he’s grateful to spend his time documenting the beauty of the wild world around us.

“We chose to work with these individuals because of their dedication to Granite Gear and their obvious passion for the outdoors,” says Rob Coughlin, VP of Sales of Granite Gear. “We’re looking forward to learning lot from this team through their adventures and through hands-on participation in our product development.”

The relationship between the brand and the Go Getters will be a balance of give and take. The Go Getters will provide invaluable feedback on product, support Granite Gear in marketing initiatives, and share images and reviews of products used in their daily lives. Granite Gear will proudly support and promote the members on their website, social channels, and during trade shows and press announcements when applicable.

Learn more about the Go Getters at Follow the Granite Gear Ambassador Program on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via #GoGettersTeam and #WhereIGottaGo.

About Granite Gear
For 29 independent years, Granite Gear has brought cutting-edge products to the outdoor marketplace. Their award-winning backpacks, adventure travel gear, extensive variety of storage sacks, lifestyle accessories, and canoe gear offer excellence in design and construction. Granite Gear’s desire is for all outdoor enthusiasts and travelers to experience the incredible durability and comfort of their products. Located in Northern Minnesota, just minutes from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Superior Hiking Trail, they have a rugged and beautiful testing ground for their products. 

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