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GEARLAB Unleashes the Kalleq to the Ocean Kayak Market

Greenland style paddles offer a lighter solution to open water travel

TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 12, 2018 — Award-winning design company and pioneer of the first modern Greenland-style paddles with exchangeable tips, GEARLAB introduces its latest high-performance open-water excursion paddle to North America. GEARLAB paddles and accessories use ancient wisdom and modern materials, fusing efficiency and technology like no other design in the world.

Launching this month to the trade at the Outdoor Retailer Show Demo Day in Denver, Colorado, July 23-26, is the Kalleq (from the Inuit word for lightning). The Kalleq paddle, with its signature patent-pending swappable paddle tip, is now 13.5% lighter than its top selling Akiak, and the edge radius is reduced from 2 mm to 1.1 mm, which makes for a substantial improvement in performance.

The Kalleq’s new sharper edge improves water splicing efficiency and paddling stability. The longer paddling surface area improves paddling efficiency per stroke compared to previous models. The Kalleq has a redesigned internal structure that improves strength and durability in harsh conditions. At 800 grams, it is a very lightweight paddle.

GEARLAB believes the Greenland-style paddle is the best paddle for ocean kayaking. And the Kalleq is the ultimate solution. While Euro blades are designed for rivers and whitewater, long and streamlined Greenland blades are innovated for the ocean.

“With the Kalleq, we hope to bring the best and most efficient paddling experience to all ocean kayakers around the world,” says lead designer and co-founder Henry Chang.

Touring kayakers are passionate about the paddle’s advantages, with GEARLAB quickly gaining a respected reputation and loyal following of enthusiasts.

Chungshih, co-founder of GEARLAB and design developer, explains the new paddle design: “With the Kalleq, I set out to craft the best paddle ever. I knew I wanted a paddle design with the sharpest blade edge possible, which increases the performance one step forward. I also knew the tip protection area could be reduced, saving weight. After two years of development, as well as drawing on experience with both Akiak and Nukilik models, the Kalleq will make its debut. The new tip excels in the water, and it grabs the water with solid feedback, supporting the paddler to push the kayak forward. So far, I am very satisfied with Kalleq. I believe it will be the perfect paddle on the market for quite a long time.”

As outdoor enthusiasts who live and work in an urban metropolis, the founders of GEARLAB aim to make outdoor products more user-friendly for urban dwellers, minimizing the gap between nature and the city. The company’s location in Taiwan is central to product development and manufacturing, which means the design and development process is agile and efficient. GEARLAB products go through systematic and rigorous research, usability analysis, and field testing. The result is a paddle that is easy to transport, buoyant, efficient, light, and strong.

This season, in addition to the release of the Kalleq, GEARLAB will also show its series of touring and surfing paddles. Current offerings, available online and through select retail partners in North America, include the best-selling Akiak and Nukilik touring paddles, as well as the Kayakid and Aukaneck surfing paddles.

Come try out GEARLAB’s Greenland-style paddles—at the Outdoor Retailer Demo Day,

July 22, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Denver’s Confluence Park.


For the past seven years, GEARLAB has designed and manufactured Greenland-style carbon-fiber paddles for ocean kayakers around the world. Created by a team of award-winning industrial designers and outdoor enthusiasts, the paddles are adapted from indigenous Inuit designs. Greenland paddles allow kayakers to travel farther with greater efficiency and precision, while reducing injury and fatigue. Made from 100 percent continuous carbon-fiber material, GEARLAB paddles perfect thousand-year-old ergonomics with advanced material strength and durability. GEARLAB paddles will open up a new realm of adventure for both recreational and advanced kayakers. Discover the benefits of GEARLAB paddles at

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