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GU Announces New Fruity Flavor

Mandarin Orange Joins Product Lineup

Berkeley, CA – GU Energy Labs today announced the introduction of a new citrus flavor to their range of products.

The summer season will see the addition of a tasty addition to GU’s traditional line-up, Mandarin Orange. The new flavor will be available late July and will replace the current Orange Burst flavor. Mandarin Orange will retail for MSRP $1.35 per packet, or $32.40 per 24-pack.

“The flavor profile of the new gel is going to surprise a lot of consumers,” said GU’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Christian Johnson, “to play wine snob for a minute, it has a brighter note than what people are used to. The all-natural Clementine flavoring gives it a delicious bright, citrus flavor.”

Mandarin Orange contains GU’s optimal mix of caffeine (20 mg), complex carbohydrates / simple carbs, branched amino acids and antioxidants that are essential for sustained energy and enhanced recovery.

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About GU Energy Labs
GU’s original Energy Gel was launched in 1994 in Berkeley, CA. To this day, GU remains the market share leader and the premium gel available to endurance athletes. GU’s product line is designed to provide athletes with scientifically-proven, performance-tested nutrition. For more information about GU, go to

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