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GU Energizes Bicycling Spring Classic

GU Energy Labs, creators of the original energy gel, is pleased to announce that it is the official Nutrition Sponsor of the inaugural Bicycling Spring Classic.

Launched this year to complement Bicycling Magazine’s Fall Classic, the tours are set for Saturday, May 10th and feature distances of 25, 60 and 90 miles.

Riders on course will enjoy a wide array of GU products – from GU Energy Gels and Roctane Ultra Endurance Gels to Chomps and GU Brew Electrolyte and Recovery Drinks. Riders on course will enjoy a wide array of GU products including hydration drinks, GU Energy Gels and Roctane Ultra Performance Gels to Chomps and Recovery drinks.

“Bicycling Magazine is a tremendous partner,” said Lauren O’Connor, GU Energy’s Director of Marketing. “We’re excited to support the first annual Spring Classic. This is a great way to showcase our performance nutrition across a challenging range of rides.”

The tour routes are centered in Morgan Hill, California, at the headquarters of Specialized Bikes, a leading sponsor of the race. The 25-mile course has nearly 900 feet of climbing; the 60-mile course has 2700 feet of climbing and the 90-mile route has over 4,700 feet of climbing.

The race is lavishly supported, with well-appointed aid stations, SRAM Neutral Race Support vehicles and an organic lunch served at Specialized headquarters from noon until 4pm. Adult riders will also be able to enjoy adult beverages, courtesy of sponsor Lagunitas Brewery.

About GU Energy Labs:

GU Energy Gel, the original energy gel, was developed in 1993 in Berkeley, California. To this day, GU remains the market share leader by a margin of more than two to one, and is still the premium gel available to endurance athletes. GU, Roctane, Chomps and Brew are designed to provide athletes with scientifically-based, performance-tested nutrition. For more information about GU, log onto

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