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Guy Not At OR Sees Trends and Breakthroughs at Not At OR

Here's something to read while you wait for your crates to show up or your plane to board...

The Guy Not At OR has been diligently scouring the halls and surroundings of Not At OR in order to bring the full report of what you didn’t see because you were at OR and not at Not At OR.

And with almost 30 Fans on Facebook – that’s about .00006% of their users – he’s creating quite the buzz.

This summer? New trends in water bottles, the revolutionary new gear carrying system that takes the load off your back and puts it where it belongs, barefoot technology, personal electronics, sportswear. Everything except tents, sleeping bags, and other useful outdoorsy stuff.

“Yeah, I haven’t really gotten to a lot of that,” states The Guy, noting that he will get to it all “later.” Especially if he can’t sleep or is bored.

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And – of course – the daily Dog of the Day, chosen daily each day by The Guy.

“We are the best source for the real going’s on at Not At OR – no one goes where we go, sees what we see, or actually cares,” says The Guy, “Not At OR is where nothing happens, and we are on top of it so you don’t have to be.”

“And it’s something to read when your appointment doesn’t show up or you’re waiting for your crates.”

About The Guy: Founded in 1964 by his parents, The Guy is a writer based in Nevada City. Which is not in Nevada. Actually, he lives on the San Juan Ridge with a bunch of hippies, rednecks, and creative types. The Guy is a long-time Outdoor Industry Veteran having worked for companies including The North Face, Sierra Designs, and SNEWS. He’s been going to OR for a long time. This is his first second Not At OR since the late ’90′s.