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Press Releases

Guy(s) Not At OR Announce Summer 2012 Gear of the Show

So the winner of the Winnie? The super-mega-ultra Kahuna?

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For Immediate Release. Or whenever – no rush.

The Guy(s) Not At OR (GNAOR) just announced their choice for the Winnie, the award for the most outstanding single piece of revolutionary, innovative, groundbreaking gear at Not At OR (NAOR).

To earn the Winnie Award the gear needs to be useful and cool. It also needs to be lying around the halls and closets of NAOR so that The Guy(s) do not have to extend significant effort in testing and evaluation.

 It does not need to be new. Most of the products exhibited at Not At OR are pretty dang old. Says The Guy(1): “We appreciate the vintage, the tried and true. When a piece of gear performs over time we know that we do not have to actually use it to test it. We already used it, possibly for years. So I guess we do have to use it to test it. And now I’m kinda confused.”

The Guy(2) chimes in: “The Guy(1) is confused. Not news, and not my problem. I’m going fishing.”

So the winner? The super-mega-ultra Kahuna?

The Carry All Recreation System (CARS).

The Carry All Recreation System was one the most popular and most effective pieces of gear The Guy(s) found while roaming the aisles at NAORSChx2012 (Not At OR Summer Chillax 2012).

The Guy(1) tested one of a particular manufacturer’s more popular offerings: The Old Blue Wagon.

The Old Blue Wagon hauled a good amount of gear and was very Old Black Dog friendly. The Guy tested it in a variety of situations – speeding to the summit, traversing a wild and scenic river – and it never failed. It handled everything Sierra had to offer – from earthy foothills, to lofty peaks. And, during the workweek, it proved flexible enough to handle the office with summit-to-street performance and styling that couldn’t be matched.

Overall The Guy was pleased with its performance. “I’m pleased with its performance,” testifies The Guy.

The only drawback was the “Check Engine” feature that constantly directed The Guy to check the engine. “It was always there,” says The Guy. ”Every single time I checked, the engine was there.”

While this intricate high-performance feature began to get a little irritating, it was an issue easily resolved with a bit of electrical tape.

The Guy did not test the “Air Bag” feature.

Past winners of the Winnie – gear that can’t be found at regular old OR – include The Guy(1)’s Own Bed, Cool Old Neon Skis, and Advanced Sign Technology (AST).

Click here to see the winner of this year’s innovation award – The Innie.

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to see the winner(?) of the Runnie – the runner-up to Gear of the Show.

Click here to see a picture of a puppy.

About The Guy(s):The Guy(s) are the founders and sole attendees of Not At OR. The Guy(1) is based in the Sierra Foothills town of Nevada City. Which is in California. The Guy(2) dwells in the shadow of Mt. Rainier in Puyallup (say it out loud – Puyallup – it’s fun), WA, The Guy(s) are a freelance copy writer and an esteemed outdoor reporter who’ll pretty much write anything for money. They Guy(s) do not hate the real OR. They just like their own beds and being outside. Learn more about The Guy(s) by clicking here.

About Not At OR (NAOR): Founded in January 2010, Not At OR is just that – not at OR. Providing gear-focused action-sports reviews and observations, NAOR is operated by (and attended by) The Guy(s) Not At OR Enterprises. Held semiannually in Nevada City, CA, Puyallup, WA, the Lake Tahoe region, and on a remote stretch of interstate 80, NAOR is unlike real OR in that it does not bring together retailers, manufacturers, industry advocates and media to conduct the business of outdoor recreation through tradeshows, product demo events, print and digital marketing opportunities and web-based business solutions.

About about:(əˈbout)preposition: on the subject of; concerning.