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Harbinger Fitness Manufacturer Announces Functional Training Gear

New Line of Innovative Functional Training Tools for High Intensity Interval Training including CrossFit, Boot Camp and Strength/Conditioning Programming - Supports Bodies to Perform Better in Every Day Life = Human to the power of X

Fairfield, Cal.- Harbinger, a leading fitness manufacturer, will launch HumanX, a new line of innovative functional training tools, at IHRSA 2013.

HumanX by Harbinger was developed for individuals involved in high intensity interval training (HIIT) from CrossFit to Boot Camp to P90X and strength/conditioning classes, where the focus is on training bodies to function better in everyday life. With a broad and balanced focus on Strength, Speed, Agility, Stability, Balance and Power, every workout is different and each exercise unique.

The core HumanX by Harbinger line includes:

■ AbX
■ Kettlebell Arm Guards
■ Balance XT
■ X2 Speed Rope
■ Wrist Stabilizers
■ Red Line Wrist Wraps
■ 5″ Foam Core Belt
■ 20LB Weight Vest
■ Women’s 5″ Foam Core Belt
■ PowerAmp™ XXX FlexFast™ Cables

HumanX training tools enhance a user’s workout by helping them reach their individual performance goals. This positioning mirrors that of Harbinger’s fitness gear, known for 25 years as the “go to” brand for long lasting, innovative weightlifting gloves, belts, wraps, straps and related conditioning products.

“We began seeing Harbinger weightlifting gear used in CrossFit WODs several years ago, specifically some of our wrist wraps, knee wraps and belts,” says Chanin Cook, Director of Marketing for Harbinger. At about the same time, Harbinger President David McCrane’s children joined CrossFit gyms in different parts of the country. He caught their enthusiasm. “Since our core weightlifting products are already being used in functional training gyms, and there is a demand for high quality, specialized product, launching the HumanX product line was a natural extension for Harbinger.”

Over the last decade, the fitness market has shifted from static strength to multidiscipline training that emphasizes “whole body use”. CrossFit boxes have emerged. Gyms and health clubs have developed functional training group exercise classes and added specialized training areas to their floor plans. Retailers are stocking “garage gym” products that appeal to these newly focused consumers. Recognized as a long-trusted brand for quality and innovation, Harbinger has the product expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet this market demand.

Why “HumanX”? In HIIT, there is an emphasis on continuously changing workouts that promote muscle confusion and prepare the body for whatever everyday life brings. HumanX represents human to the power of X and one’s ability to harness their own power to achieve their personal fitness goals.

“This initial HumanX program is our first phase of functional training products,” says Cook “we are already working on new training tools to augment the line in coming months. We listen to our partner athletes and trainers, and develop the ideas that can make a difference. Harbinger sees functional training as a category that will continue to grow as more people reap every day performance benefits — in strength, stability, speed and endurance — to haul groceries up stairs, chase after small children, compete in a triathlon, climb a mountain… and whatever else life brings.”

Founded in 1988, Harbinger produces innovative, high-performance fitness gear including gloves, belts, straps, wraps, jump ropes, resistance cables, balance trainers and mats. For more info, visit In February 2013, Harbinger signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Action Wipes, the ground-breaking full body wipe that naturally removes dirt, sweat and odor, leaving skin feeling soft and clean, with no rinsing and no residue. For more info, visit In April 2013, Harbinger is launching HumanX by Harbinger, a new line of innovative functional training tools developed specifically for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) including CrossFit, Boot Camp and specialized strength/conditioning programming, designed to enhance performance in everyday life. For more info visit, (live on 4/1/2013).

Harbinger products are found in gyms, health clubs, sporting goods, outdoors, cycling and specialty fitness retailers worldwide.
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HumanX by Harbinger product sheets, high-res photos and logos, and product samples available upon request.

X2 Speed Rope – $14.99
Super fast and lightweight for double unders and speed jumping! Fully adjustable 10ft. steel cable with extra tough nylon coating. Patent-pending brass spin mechanism with 3 axis rotation ensures smooth consistent swing. Lightweight injection molded 4.5″ long ergonomic grip handles. Allen wrench included for cable length adjustable. Replacement kits available via Harbinger. (live 04/01/13)

Balance XT – $29.99
Heavy duty 1200-gram balance disc builds core strength through standing, sitting, squatting and kneeling exercises. Training tool in both isometric and plyometric exercise. Exclusive tread and nib textured surfaces enhance user “feel” and grip on floor while exercising. Moisture proof and wipes down easily. Adjust air pressure using standard ball pump with needle adaptor. Latex-free and phthalate-free. View online exercises and download print guide at

Wrist Stabilizers – $19.99
Extra wide 2″ stabilizing strap provides maximum wrist support while full 6mm neoprene cuff cushions wrist during lifts. Non-stretch design maintains strong wrist positioning. Steel tensioning buckle secures fit. One size, fully adjustable for customized fit. Hand wash cold; lay flat to dry.

20lb Weight Vest – $89.99
Fully adjustable in 1LB increments, 1-20LBS. Patent-pending FLEX weight design contours to body while exercising. Exclusive compact design fits securely for max mobility. 20 LB Weight Vest increases resistance and helps build core strength, speed and endurance while doing push-ups, sit-ups, dead lifts, burpees or sprints. Tough abrasion-resistant outer shell resists pulling and tears, while extra-wide, fully adjustable neoprene belt provides full spectrum tensioning. Dual padding cushions shoulders and chest. One size fully adjustable belt for customized fit. Hand wash cold; lay flat to dry.

Kettlebell Arm Guards – $19.99
Protect forearms from kettlebell bruising, rope burns and plyo box bashing. Padded forearm guards cushion against impact and abrasion. Streamlined design of flexible padded inserts in stretch cotton terry conform to forearm – and never interfere with workout. Easy pull-on and off, and absorbs sweat. One size fits all. Hand wash cold; lay flat to dry.

AbX – $34.99
Builds core strength, and offers full range of motion in training oblique and abdominal muscles. Exclusive high density foam supports body during plyometric exercise. Streamlined dual-color design with bottom gripping surface that holds position on floor. Phthalate free construction. Easy to clean, store and transport. Custom exercise program using abdominal, oblique and lower back muscles – available at

PowerAmp XXX FlexFast Cables – $14.99 to $18.99
PowerAmp™ XXX tubing lasts 3x’s longer than standard cables — more than 30,000 stretch cycles – for gains in strength and endurance. 4 resistance levels – 10 LB, 20 LB, 30LB and 40 LB.
Exclusive FlexFast™ handles secure more comfortably around wrist and hand, and offer ergonomic cable connector with multi-position grip. Heavy duty door jamb attachment increases exercise options. Lightweight, portable latex-free tubing. Video
exercise program and downloadable pdf at:

Red Line Wrist Wraps – $12.99
Provide perfect amount of support for Oly lifts, press and bench lifting (powerlifting and strongman). Distinctive red line competition grade elastic maximizes wrist stability. Extended 18″ length offers max wrist support and stability. Easy on/off design. Thumb loop secures wrap on hand. One size fits all. Hand wash cold; lay flat to dry.

233 Foam Core Belt – $19.99
Provides perfect amount of stabilizing support for lower back and abdomen in Oly lifts, powerlifting and strongman). Extra wide 5” belt with 3” support strap stabilizes lower back and abdomen during heavy lifting.

Women’s 5″ Foam Core Belt – $19.99
Designed specifically for women (narrower support band and belt body shaping.) Provides perfect amount of stabilizing support for lower back and abdomen in Oly lifts and powerlifting). Extra wide 5” belt with 2” support strap stabilizes lower back and abdomen during heavy lifting.