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Helly Hansen’s Embla Sportswear Collection is High Fashion

Helly Hansen transforms its renowned professional-grade performance technologies into high-fashion statements in Spring 2010’s luxury sportswear collection, Embla.

Norwegian folklore says that the god Odin created Ask and Embla, the first humans: Scandinavia’s Adam and Eve. And so, in appreciation of the country that bore Captain Helly Juell Hansen, his company named its two-year-old women’s luxury sportswear collection, Embla, to recognize both its heritage and its own creation of the world’s first supple, waterproof fabrics — a landmark discovery that launched an entire industry 1877.

Designed for use in urban environments and inspired by Helly Hansen’s century-old nautical history, the Embla collection, brings an entirely new, ultra-feminine look and performance level to the lifestyle-apparel market.

The catwalk-appropriate Embla CIS Catalina jacket honors Helly Hansen’s heritage with a sea-worthy high collar, antique metal fasteners, PU-coated cotton and high-quality, rib-hemmed cuffs and waistband. Its unique look represents the wider collection with its nautical touches and high-quality weather protection technology.

The sexy, knitted Embla Knit Cardigan and the luxuriously soft Embla are made from finest 100 percent organic cotton. Partner either with the bellowed, mid-thigh-length Embla Shorts for head-to-toe, fashion-savvy comfort.

The Embla Shoe perfectly complements the collection with its premium leather construction, patent leather trims and low-profile physique.

Helly Hansen is the world’s most experienced sailing apparel and footwear brand with more than 130 years under its belt. The Moss, Norway-based company is recognized for inventing the first waterproof fabrics in 1877, the first fleece mid layers in the 1960s, and LIFA®, the first technical base layer in the 1970s. The combined three-layer system of dress has become the reliable standard for staying warm, dry and comfortable in cold, wet conditions. Today, Helly Hansen is a global leader in technical apparel and footwear designs for a range of outdoor and water-sport activities. Helly Hansen products are distributed in more than 40 countries. For more information visit