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Hey Ryders Eyewear, Send Me To Vancouver

Eyewear Companies’ Contest Wants You And A Friend To Win An Adventure Trip To British Columbia At Winter Outdoor Retailer Show.

NORTH VANCOUVER, Canada (Jan. 15, 2009) – So the plan at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Show (Jan 22-25) is simple. Walk the floor, find the Ryders Eyewear booth (#38123), spin the roulette wheel like you’re in Vegas, get noticed in the crowd and, are you ready, win a FREE guided adventure trip to Vancouver, British Columbia for you and a friend.

What’s this you say? OK, here’s the dirt. Throughout the entire Winter Outdoor Retailer Show, Ryders Eyewear, producers of quality sunglasses that harness the spirit of outdoor lifestyle, adventure and sport, will be running a contest where the grand prize includes: airfare, three nights accommodation and winner’s choice of a guided adventure in the greater Vancouver area. Choice of guided trips include skiing/snowboarding, climbing or mountain biking.

While at the Show, go to the Ryders Eyewear booth and spin the roulette wheel. If you land on “free pair of sunglasses” – YOU get just that. Land on the numbers 1, 2 or 3 and you receive a sticker that YOU place on your Show badge. As YOU stumble through the packed aisles suffering from too many après beers or not enough fresh air, Ryders Eyewear will have numerous “Scouts” roaming the floor in search of YOU (it’s legal for YOU to spot the “Scout” too) who is wearing a Ryders Eyewear sticker. The “Scout” will give YOU a grand prize entry form, which You fill out and drop off at the Ryders Eyewear booth (#38123). The number of entry forms YOU receive is determined by the number you landed on at the roulette wheel (ie: land on 3, get 3 entry forms). Then, YOU just hold your breath to be the lucky winner.

The grand prize drawing will take place after the Show at the Ryders Eyewear headquarters in North Vancouver. YOU will be notified by phone if YOU win. Grand prize expires one-year from winning.

So, head over to Ryders Eyewear booth #38123 and spin to win.

About Ryders Eyewear:
Ryders Eyewear, based in adrenaline sport mecca North Vancouver, British Columbia, puts their backyard to good use testing the endurance and performance attributes of their eyewear products. Ryders is the leader in the price point eyewear category, providing quality performance eyewear at an amazing value in the biking, wintersports, motorsports and lifestyle categories. For more information on Ryders Eyewear, visit or contact Keith Cozzens at Base Camp Communications, or 307-734-7575.

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