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Hillsound Sees Spike in Micro-crampon Sales During Polar Vortex

Vancouver, BC (January 14, 2014) – With the Polar Vortex recently blanketing large regions of North America in freezing temperatures and layers of ice, consumers have been rushing to find micro-crampons that help navigate snowy and icy conditions easily and safely. Hillsound—the leading producer of winter traction equipment and gaiters—has not only been ahead of the curve by offering multi-functional micro-crampons for outdoor enthusiasts, but for the every-day person as well. 


 Since the Polar Vortex sent temperatures plummeting and caused ice and snow to cover streets and sidewalks, Hillsound has seen a remarkable spike in sales, most notably in the Northeast region. In addition to offering traction and grip, the micro-crampons’ lightweight and easy-on-easy-off features make them easy for anyone to use. 

 “Hillsound’s products aim to provide easier movement in icy and snowy conditions,” said Hillsound General Manager Kris Choi, “While hoping that everyone is safe and sound now that temperatures have risen, it has been exciting for us to see entirely new markets adopt the functionality and benefits of our micro-crampons. We hope the trend continues, making people safer and more confident as they navigate tricky winter conditions.”

 The FreeSteps6 has been a popular seller, offering durable, ultra-light traction performance for those seeking a simple anti-slip aid during cold winter days. Utilizing high-quality stainless steel chains and spikes, the new FreeSteps6 is excellent for an active day in the mountains as well as a trip to town. 

 Hillsound micro-crampons and gaiters are available at many major outdoor retailers and boutique outdoor stores throughout the country. Customers can locate the nearest dealer at

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Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Hillsound offers a range of highly-engineered winter traction devices for a variety of categories, from winter walking to light mountaineering. Hillsound also specializes in the design and manufacture of durable and comfortable gaiters.