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Press Releases

How to post and edit your own Press Release on SNEWS

Here's the step-by-step process for publishing your own press releases on SNEWS.

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You asked, we delivered. SNEWS subscribers can now post and publish their own press releases. Our CMS, Tempest, is highly user friendly. But like with anything new, there is a learning curve. Please commit a few minutes to reading this article and learning the new system. Then, we promise: Posting your releases will be a breeze.

Please note: In order to enjoy the benefit of posting your release on SNEWS, you must be a subscriber. To subscribe, click here.

Step One – Secure CMS access

Please follow these instructions to login and start posting content.

  1. Go to preferably in Chrome
  2. Click “Login or Register”
  3. Enter the email address from which you are receiving these instructions and click the > button.

Login to Tempest is via passwordless email. Once you click the > button you will receive an email with a link to access Tempest. Go to your email and click the link in the “Welcome to Tempest CMS” email. The email comes from Please be sure to allow emails from that destination to your email.

In the future you will visit to access the CMS, login, and post your press releases.

Step Two – Update your author profile

Tempest T
Click this \”T\” to access the CMS menuScreenshot

Once you are logged in you can access the CMS navigation via the 3-D “T” in the upper left. 


To optimize your author profile, navigate to the Author Profile section and find your name/company. Please include a horizontal head shot of you, a 3-sentence bio explaining who you are, who you work for, etc., as well as at least one of the following:

>Your website url

>Your facebook page url

>Your twitter handle

If when you login you do not have an assigned author profile, or it is wrong, please email Stephen,, so he can assign you your contributor role and an author profile. 

Step Three – Build your article


Now look for Articles on the far left navigation you can either choose the “+Create Content” button, or there’s an additional blue “Create Article” button on the far right of the page.

From here you will add your title (H1), dek (one to two descriptive sentences about the article), and body copy in the fields indicated screenshot.


Within the body copy area you can add images and hyperlinks. To add an image please click into any empty paragraph in the body area and look for the plus side to the far right of the box. To make sure your image will render correctly, you can reference our best practices document here. From there you can upload one image, a photo gallery, or embed a YouTube or Vimeo link. For full instructions click here.


Step Four – Categorize your article & write meta data

Once you have added your body copy there are a few additional steps before you publish. Please go down to the Promo Information dropdown section below the body area. (Screenshot) Please copy and paste your title and dek in this field and add an image to the promo area if you’d like. Please note that logos and vertical images do not render well in the promo field.


Next go to the Meta section. Your name/company name should automatically appear in the Author area. If it does not, and it does not pull up in a brief search, please follow step 2 above.

Only fill out the fields circled in yellow. Ignore the other fields.

“Press Release” will default as your Primary Section, below the Author area. 

If your press release is about a company please enter that company name into the Rich Tags section. Start typing the name of your company and it should appear in the box. If not please email Stephen, ignore all of the other Product, etc. fields in this area.)

And finally please add a short description to the “slug” field. This will dictate the URL; it can be the title of your release or something shorter.

Step Five – Publish your press release

Once you have completed those fields you can Preview in the upper right corner, or hit the Publish button. After you hit publish your article will appear in the Press Release section of SNEWS in approximately 5 minutes. You can find the link to your article at the top of the CMS page or under the Press Release section of the live site. If you do not see the article please confirm that you have assigned it to the Press Release primary section. If you need to edit your press release section in the future you can just log back in, make updates, and then hit the Update button (where the Publish button was previously). 



Reach out to Stephen, at