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Hydrapak Approved for Issuance as a Patent by the US Patent Office

Hydrapak, a premium supplier of active lifestyle hydration equipment, is pleased to announce that as of July 21st, 2011, Hydrapak’s unique reservoir closure system and method (Application No. : 11/445,721) has been approved for the issuance as a patent by the US Patent Office.

The closure system and method, first utilized in the Reversible Reservoir IIâ„¢, introduced in 2006, serve as the foundation of Hydrapak’s award-winning hydration reservoirs.
The newly-approved approved closure system, combined with the patented fold top reservoir (US 6,267,506 B1 issued July 31st, 2001), combines a top slider which glides across the fold top reservoir to form a water-tight seal.

Sam Lopez, Director of Design at Hydrapak, said, “We welcome the US Patent office’s issuance of our unique design. It is gratifying to have their validation and the security they bear on our intellectual property.”

Augmenting these patents are numerous component and material patents, a wealth of intellectual property and development experience, and a company-wide passion to innovate. Adds Lopez, “We look forward to future approvals from the US Patent Office, including potentially the patent applications for our new, ground-breaking Shape-Shift™ Reservoirs.”

About Hydrapak
Created in 2001,Hydrapak,the originators of innovative and advanced hands-free fluid delivery systems, was introduced to satisfy the growing demand from athletes for personal hydration systems. Hydrapak produces a lineup of custom built hydration backpacks, reservoirs, and bottles for a variety of sports, including biking, hiking and running. Hydrapak is also an OEM for top manufacturers specializing in consumer, commercial and military purposes. To view all packs, bottles and accessories visit or call 510.632.8318.