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HydraQuiver Double Barrel-High Visibility Option

For immediate release

Josh Sprague – Orange Mud

When releasing our products for 2014 we posted a message to our social media boards asking for color requests. We were a bit surprised to hear so many requesting high visibility options like orange, yellow, and green to aid in visibility on the road and trail. To honor these request we decided to start with the high vis orange as it fits our brand well and made for a good looking pack. To our surprise this color has sold like crazy and for what was at first just released in the single barrel HydraQuiver, it’s now in our double barrel and all future product releases will incorporate at least some high vis options. Some have said this is just a fad right now, but is safety a fad? I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

HydraQuiver Double Barrel Key Clip
HydraQuiver Double Barrel Straight on Orange
HydraQuiver Double Barrel Interior Storage

About Us: “Innovation from frustration” Our philosophy at Orange Mud is very simple, make the most efficient, well crafted, American made gear. Our design team has spent years competing in adventure racing, ultras, mountain bike racing, trail running, marathons, Ironman’s and some awfully fun outdoor adventures. Years of training for these events has often left us searching for the next best thing, but many times it’s just not there. So we figure someone has to make it, why not us? We have 4 products currently. The HydraQuiver single and double bottle systems are both ultra light, ultra breathable hydration packs for runners. The Transition & Seat Wrap™, a multifunction wrap that keeps your towel from falling off when changing into workout gear that also protects your car seat from sweat and grime after a good workout. And the SUP SIP™, a hydration pack for the stand up paddle board community. For more information on Orange Mud, visit