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Icebreaker Unveils New Eco-Friendly Merino Apparel For Kids

Kids are being given the chance to try the Icebreaker range of beautiful, silky soft New Zealand merino wool garments. Icebreaker has developed packaging for its Kids range that can be not just re-used, but re-imagined.

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Eco-Friendly Icebreaker Merino Apparel For Kids

(Wellington, New Zealand) — Kids are being given the chance to try the Icebreaker range of beautiful, silky soft New Zealand merino wool garments that has been such a hit with grown-ups in previous winters.

And as part of its ongoing commitment to the environment, Icebreaker has developed packaging for its Kids range that can be not just re-used, but re-imagined.

For Fall/Winter 2009, Icebreaker’s Kids products are inspired by the sheep stations in New Zealand’s Southern Alps where the merino fibre for the garments was grown.

The line includes Icebreaker’s new Bodyfit+ crews and leggings, which feature whimsical all-over prints for boys and girls. For kids 1-4, the Bodyfit+ print includes illustrations of happy South Island merino sheep.

For older girls, the Bodyfit+ line offers graphics of New Zealand animals and birds, while boys will look sharp in a camo print that features a stylized map of New Zealand’s main islands.

“Little ones often don’t tell us when they’re cold. Bodyfit is a nice way for parents to have alternative options,” says Rob Achten, Icebreaker VP of Product and Creative Director, and father of two. “Icebreaker Bodyfit and Bodyfit+ were designed to be worn as tops and leggings around the house or as long underwear outside.”

Kids like wearing Icebreaker because premium merino is soft against the skin and doesn’t prickle or itch. It naturally resists odor and can be worn for days or even weeks without washing.

Merino is warm, annually renewable, biodegradable, fire retardant (unlike synthetics, which are flammable), and offers very good to excellent protection against the sun (UPF 25-50+). Parents love their kids in Icebreaker because the garments are machine washable, and dry in a flash.

Icebreaker’s Sport line of active mid layers, hoodies and crews offer bright colors, giving girls and boys the warmth they need to stay active in cold weather.

Packaging to Be Reused and Re-Imagined, Not Thrown Away
Icebreaker’s innovative new Fall/Winter 2009 Bodyfit Kids packaging can be reused and re-imagined — not thrown away.

“We thought a lot about packaging and over-packaging,” says Achten. “My kids go to school, and the environment is a really hot issue for them. We wanted to see if we could engage them in thinking about giving a second life to packaging.”

For the younger set, the packaging becomes “Finger Friends” that can be disassembled and played with. The inside box becomes an owl or dinosaur finger puppet.

For wearers aged nine to 12, Icebreaker suggests that they re-invent and reuse the packaging in a creative way – making a jewellery box or a pencil case, for example. Young inventors are urged to email a photo of their creation to – the best ideas will be displayed online.

Icebreaker’s Kids Bodyfit packaging is made from paper from sustainable forests (FSC accredited) and vegetable-based inks.

About Icebreaker
Launched in 1994, Icebreaker was the first company in the world to develop a merino fiber layering system for the outdoors. It was also the first outdoor apparel company in the world to source merino directly from growers, a system it began in 1997. There are now 10 distinct pure merino fabrics in the Icebreaker system, covering underwear, mid layer, and outerwear.

Icebreaker is sold in more than 2,000 stores in 24 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Icebreaker uses only pure merino hand-picked from 120 high country stations in the country’s Southern Alps to create edgy outdoor clothing that combines nature’s work with human technology and design. The company is committed to sustainability, ethical manufacturing and animal welfare. In 2008 the company launched “Icebreaker Baacode,” a pioneering supply chain transparency and traceability program. Each Icebreaker includes a unique Baacode, which enables customers to trace the garment online from rearing the sheep through to each stage of the supply chain process.