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iMeasure Fitness Launches Product to Test Fitness Level

Backed by Leading Health and Fitness Experts, Consumers Can Learn Just How Fit They Are

BELMONT, Mass. – November 13, 2006 – Galileo Health Partners, Inc., a leading provider of products and services that allow individuals to easily measure and improve their fitness and well-being, today announced a first-of-its-kind interactive health and wellness assessment tool – iMeasure Fitness™.

Developed by leading exercise physiology and medical researchers, iMeasure Fitness leverages rigorous medical science and normative data to provide consumers with tools that professionally measure and score their fitness, and generate a lab-quality iMeasure Assessment Report. This group is also supported by The Galileo Health Partners Scientific Advisory Board that is comprised of additional recognized experts in the fields of fitness, health and wellness, medicine, exercise physiology, statistics, fitness assessment, and related public policy.

“iMeasure Fitness is the missing link for quality fitness evaluation,” said Jennifer Guckel Porter, CEO of iMeasure, a division of Galileo Health Partners, Inc. “Bringing health, fitness and wellness research together with a user’s individual test data in an easy-to-understand format allows Galileo Health Partners to provide a best-in-class measurement and assessment solution that delivers actionable steps to improving the health of Americans one person at a time.”

In the privacy of their own home, individuals complete a series of fitness and wellness tests and questions and enter their data into a secure and private website. These data are analyzed, using a proprietary, patented algorithm and a customized report that assesses their current fitness and health is generated. Users receive recommendations for guidance and resources to improve their health.

Effects of Exercise Are Real
“The links between fitness and incidence of disease, life expectancy, and overall qualify of life are well-known,” said Guckel Porter. “Fundamentally all significant scientific and medical research supports the relative importance of physical activity in reducing the risk for chronic conditions and diseases that ultimately affect one’s well-being.”

Increased physically activity and fitness generate significant health benefits, including a reduced risk for coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer. An active lifestyle also reduces many of the negative consequences of aging and improves mental health.

Knowledge is Power
Without a readily available and easily accessible standard for scoring or measuring overall fitness, consumers have little way of objectively knowing the evaluation or comparison of their fitness level and the related health and quality of life implications. Galileo Health Partners, Inc. has addressed these challenges with iMeasure Fitness.

Consumers collect a variety of data including known and behavioral information such as gender, height, age, weight, servings of fruits/day, minutes of activity/day, as well as calculated information like waist circumference, number of pushups in one minute and ability to touch ones toes. After logging into a secure and private website to enter their fitness information, the individual receives a series of scores – six functional scores and an overall fitness score, the FitIndex™ – generated by a proprietary and patented algorithm and software. The six scores, selected due to their significance to overall health and well-being are Cardio, Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Body Composition, and Lifestyle.

“We believe that knowledge is power,” said Patty Freedson, chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, Galileo Health Partners; professor and chair, Department of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; and adjunct professor of medicine, Division of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine, UMass Medical Center, Worcester, Mass. “Using a proprietary algorithm and scientific research, including large population and normative datasets, iMeasure Fitness scores each area of an individual’s fitness. We believe this will serve as a wake up call to the individual that it’s time to take action.” Comparisons to the participant’s segment of the population (e.g., males between the ages of 25-35) are important for someone who wants to know how they compare to others of similar age and gender.

To further effect change and help guide consumers on a road to better health, the Assessment Report includes an explanation of why each fitness area is important and an interpretation of their individual score. iMeasure provides clients a social networking website that offers an interactive network of blogs, user profiles, groups, shared experiences, as well as links to health and fitness resources and research reports from organizations including: The Mayo Clinic, American College of Sports Medicine, American Heart Association, and American Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This interactive community is a valuable component to helping consumers devise plans to improve their individual scores.

The Product Suite, Pricing and Availability
iMeasure Fitness is one in a family of products designed to meet the needs of individuals, families, and corporations. This flagship product is a packaged tool designed for the individual user and includes an instruction booklet, a tape measure, a stop watch, a membership card and a score card. Additional online help shows how to take each measurement. The individual enters collected data into the secure and private website and is able to retest as often as they like within 90 days to see fitness improvements over time.

Future additions to the suite of products include a solution that brings fitness assessment, education and improvements to children and families, and an “e-assessment” version of iMeasure Fitness that is designed for health insurers, health clubs, consumer product companies, and other organizations that are interested in promoting fitness and fitness education to their customers and/or employees.
iMeasure Fitness will be available November 27, 2006 at for $39.99 and will be available at retailers later this year. More detailed product information is available at

About Galileo Health Partners
Galileo Health Partners, Inc., founded on a genuine desire to improve lives, develops products and services that empower individuals to change their fitness and health with scientific tools and continued learning. GHP offers credible and private wellness assessment tools, scores and reports that are grounded in rigorous medical science and normative data. GHP strives to help consumers understand, measure and improve their fitness, health, and wellness. More information about Galileo Health Partners is available at or by calling 617-484-0876.


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