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Press Releases

Innate Attends OR – Brings Awesome New Stuff

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Vancouver, B.C., July 29, 2013 – Sometimes flying under the radar provides the opportunity to get creative and delve into the details that turn accessories into essentials.

Innate’s design philosophy – leaner, cleaner, greener – focuses on those details and integrates them into essential gear that gets you where you’re going. And the lean, clean design ethic means it looks good doing it.

The result? Their gear instantly becomes your essential equipment. The day you learn you need it is the day you realize you can’t live without it.

Backcountry, adventure travel or the workaday world – Innate’s gear includes storage and carrying systems for food, drink, plus essentials for active travel.

Whether it’s their new gear for Spring 2014, or the gear that’s just new to you, it’s awesome stuff. And awesome can’t stay under the radar for long. Check out Innate’s Spring 2014 line at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, booth 165.

Check out what’s new…

RFID Wallet (Suggested Retail: $40.00)
The RFID Wallet makes the identity thief’s world harder, and your world easier.


Okay – worst case scenario: you arrive in-country for the best trip ever, and then some electronic pickpocket picks up your credit card and passport information from the radio frequencies (RFID) they transmit through the material of your outdated traditional wallet. They max out your cards, clean out your bank account, and you’re stuck sleeping in the train station. Bummer.

Innate’s Deltos RFID Passport Wallet’s innovative, effective RFID shielding material blocks card and document information from identity thieves. Excellent.

The slim, clean, streamlined design fits in a back pocket, and the thoughtful dividers organize boarding passes, currencies, credit cards, and accumulated business cards.

RFID doesn’t stand for Really Friggin’ Ingenious Design, but it could.

Respite Commuter Pillow (SR: $32.00)
Comfort totally rules.


Lear jet or packed bus – in-transit comfort matters, so Innate took the travel pillow up a few notches. The supportive Commuter Pillow wraps the neck like a hug, and instead of sweaty synthetic materials, puts a proprietary organic cotton comfort layer next to the skin for next-level comfort.

So, icky vinyl? Slimy nylon? Or the gentle caress of organic cotton? Easy – the Respite Commuter Pillow with the organic cotton comfort panel flat-out reigns supreme.

Respite Terra Firma Pillow (SR: $32.00)
Pillows are proven comfort delivery gear, and Innate’s Terra Firma delivers peak performance. Other pillows can provide the cushion, but they put deal-breaking vinyl or nylon against the skin. Ick.


So what makes Innate’s better? A proprietary laminated organic cotton comfort panel next to the skin – no sketchy vinyl, no slimy nylon. Just cottony comfort. Nice.

Now add ergonomic panels to provide superior cushion and support and you have a cloud-nine level travel pillow. The design delivers – even for side and back sleepers.

Travelling and camping shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Putting a Terra Firma under the cranium makes for a serious comfort upgrade.

You deserve it.

Vivo Vacuum Sleeve (SR: $23.00)
Another insulated mug? Really?


There are a gazillion insulated to-go cups out there, but Innate’s sleek, stainless steel Vivo Vacuum Sleeve might be the best one ever. This one won’t be found rolling around under the car seat – this is the one that gets used.

The da Vinci-inspired, cantilevered closure system stops leaks and helps prevent the manky buildup of dried-out steamed milk crud. It works with a single-touch for maximum ergonomic efficiency, even on the move.

Plus it keeps your coffee warm.

The clean, elegant, modern design and superior functionality set the Vivo apart in a very crowded field.

So no way is this just another insulated mug. The Vivo is a super-awesome, hecka-cool, mobile coffee delivery device. Really.

Lineo Vacuum Water Bottle (SR: $23.00)
Water is a necessity.


You own a lot of water bottles. Some sit on the shelf in the back closet, some roll around under your car seat, and some just disappear. They don’t get used for a bunch of reasons.

The Lineo is the one that gets used. Why? Because its design makes it easy to drink that cold water. The leak-proof push button lid works with one-hand for maximum efficiency, even on the move, and the slim stainless steel vacuum-insulated body keeps your water nice and cold. Plus it fits in your cup holder.

The GritGuard cover solves the health risks and annoyances of trailside dirt – much better than those bottles with exposed mouthpieces.

Keeps your water cold, safe and easy to use, clean and durable – you deserve a better water bottle and the Lineo might just be the best there ever was. Honest.

About Innate: Based in Vancouver, Canada, Innate creates essential products that deliver seamless performance for travel, work and adventure.

It’s in Innate’s DNA to be active, progressive participants in the global community. They strive to make carefully considered choices that reduce their ecological footprint in keeping with a design philosophy of Leaner, Cleaner, Greener.

Innate has a simple goal: for you to experience lasting satisfaction from their products and recommend them to your family and friends.

To learn more about Innate, visit, or to pop above the radar, contact Jordan Kling at or 604-566-8950.